Trump calls for disarmament of China, Russia and the USA

Donald Trump

"We want to get rid of nuclear weapons, we all have to get rid of them," said the US president.

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DusseldorfUS President Donald Trump has argued in favor of nuclear disarmament from China, Russia and the US. He has seen that Vladimir has offered to help the US on Kim Jong Un and North Korea, he said in an interview with US broadcaster Fox News. "We want to get rid of nuclear weapons, we all have to get rid of them. Russia has to get rid of them, China has to get rid of them, "says Trump.

On Thursday, there had been a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un, in which the Russian head of state had offered to mediate in the nuclear dispute between the governments in Washington and Pyongyang. Donald Trump now referred to this.

However, it is questionable how serious the US President was with his words at the time of their statement. The statement on nuclear disarmament in the interview seems more like a thought insert – before Trump talks about the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, then on the "New Green Deal" policy of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the size of windows in New York skyscrapers ,

All the more surprising is that Russian politicians take the statement as an opportunity to take their stand on the disarmament issue. "A wonderful idea!", Said the spokesman for Russian President Dmitro Peskov to the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti". At the same time Peskow criticized the missing details of Trump's statements. "The sense of initiative is not clear".

Also from the Russian Foreign Ministry came positive reactions to Trump's words. One can only welcome his comments, said deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov to press representatives, while pointing to the growing importance of nuclear weapons in the US military strategy.

He mentioned a US missile defense system and the "possible creation of space weapons". "This is a highly complex topic," said Ryabkov. Russia has worked out its position and will explain it to the US and the other nuclear powers. Russia is ready for talks in the US "as soon as they are ready".

Recently, the issue of disarmament between the two major powers was extremely charged with tension. For example, the White House announced in early February that it was moving away from the INF Treaty to abandon medium-range nuclear missiles and to negotiate a new agreement. Russia, for its part, announced that it would suspend the contract.

The contract prohibits land-based missiles and cruise missiles with a range of between 500 and 5,500 kilometers and also prohibits the production and testing of such systems. The abbreviation INF stands for "Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces", in German: Nuclear Medium-Range Systems. The US and the then Soviet Union had the contract closed in 1987.

Previously, the US and its NATO partners accused Russia of violating the agreement to abandon land-based medium-range nuclear weapons. Washington had given Moscow an ultimatum, which expired at the beginning of February.

Russia denies the allegations vehemently and also accuses the US of breach of contract. The US suspended the contract first, and shortly thereafter Putin announced this move. The period of notice expires in August.

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