Trump campaign is preparing an early focus on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump's early election campaign is preparing an early focus on Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, states that were involved in his incredible triumph in 2016 but whose support has moved, two campaign advisers said.

PHOTO FILE: Flags for US President, Donald Trump, "Keep America Great!" 2020 re-election campaign is seen at Jiahao flag factory in Fuyang, Anhui province, China July 24, 2018. The picture was taken July 24, 2018. REUTERS / Aly Song / File Photo

The decision to organize the campaign and to organize the Republican president to tour the three states is a recognition of the fact that Trump's path to re-election in 2020 must repeat some of his 2016 achievements. .

Consultants also see the need to reinforce the support of Trump in Florida, a state that considers its second home but shows that opinion polls have difficulties.

They also see an opportunity to gain gains in Minnesota and in Colorado, two trump states lost narrowly. The Trump team look at those states as competitive places where the president can influence, according to the advisers, that they would not be named so that they could talk freely about the campaign strategy.

With 20 months to go to the November 2020 presidential election, Trump and its campaign team are still organizing a battle for a second four-year term.

Democrats seized control over the House of Representatives at last November's conference elections which are regarded as a referendum on the first two years that Trump was trumpeting, and Republicans reinforced their hold on the US Senate.

There are more than a dozen Democrats up to now to challenge Trump, and some Republicans are also thinking of running against him.

Chris Jackson, a pollster for Ipsos, who polls with Reuters, said that Trump, however, looked to be in a competitive position for re-election at this point, as the rating is rising by 40% and 45 per cent. approved.

“The re-election of the presidents usually exceeds 50-50 with an increase of over 40 per cent,” he said. “It is not an underdog if you take the big view.”

Trump has always supported Republican voters.


Trump's 2016 win included unexpected highlights in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which are part of the country's former industrial center. The three states in recent presidential elections had Democratic voting, but Trump, Hillary Clinton, who was nominated in Democratic, was surprised and won 77,000 votes.

As a result of a poll of his Emerson College of Michigan voters which was released on Sunday, Trump found all potential Democratic competitors, including an 8-cent-point deficit for former Vice President Joe Biden, who is considering offering a White House.

A poll School of Marquette Law made in January during government extinguishment largely blamed on Trump found that the president was rated 44 percent among Wisconsin voters, with 52 percent disappointment. Political tracking organization Morning Consult Trump got down 7 points among Pennsylvania voters.

When asked about the re-election strategy, a senior Trump campaign official said the early focus on the three states was not affected by a poll.

“It's about winning in states where the victory margin was approaching in 2016,” the official said.

The official said: “These are not the states of the Republic. These are Trump states. Wisconsin had not gone red since 1984 and Pennsylvania and Michigan since 1988. Trump expanded the map, and now we have to defend this territory. "

The Republican strategies Scott Reed said, not connected to the Trump campaign, would be the three vital states for Trump.

“Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan Trump took over, and it is clear that the next national election has been won or lost,” said Reed, who was campaign manager for the name of the white house by Bob Dole, a Republican nominee in 1996. t .

Aides says Trump is very interested in his re-election effort. In the absence of a clear front runner among the Democrats, the president focused his attacks on what he calls the Democrats' trend towards socialism with their “Green New Deal”.

Trump spoke privately about part of the Democratic field, telling allies that Senator Kamala Harris had the best campaign from California. He said Biden was “dumb” in lunch with TV hackers ahead of his State launch on February 5, said a source was familiar with lunch.

The Trump campaign team recently showed a slide show to the president outlining how to nominate delegates, merge with Republicans and regulate the Republic's presidential nomination process to stand up to any contestants, a Republican official familiar with the presentation said. .

“We are running a comprehensive and state-of-the-art campaign,” said the senior campaign officer.

Reporting by Steve Holland; Edited by Colleen Jenkins and Peter Cooney

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