Trump Clarifies His Opinion on Meghan Markle Being 'Nasty'; About it

Trump Clarifies His Opinion on Meghan Markle Being 'Nasty'; About it

President Donald Trump is seeking to clarify his views on Queen Sussex Bank, Meghan, having given his opinion that people have incorrectly expressed his opinion.

When the Sun asked him to criticize Meghan in the past – saying that he was “segmented” and “misleading” during the 2016 presidential election – before he visited the UK state, he replied. The president did not know she was evil, as IJR previously reported Red.

During the same interview, the president said that he is “sure she will excel” at her new role in the Royal Family.

Listen to the sound below:

However, Trump is still getting a push back after he claimed that Meghan was not called directly, “IJR Blue said.

When Piers Morgan's “Good Morning Britain” asked him about his traffic, Trump stood firm, saying “no” he doesn't believe that the Dutchess Sussex is “bad.”

“And I said, Wow, I didn't know she was bad,” he said. “I wasn't referring,‘ She's bad, 'I said, ‘She was bad about me. ”

Trump said that Meghan is “doing a good job” in his new role.

“I think she's very nice,” he said.

As IJR Blue also reported, the president's aim was, however, to take his views on the media and his views “ambiguous.” Saying.

See video below:

Trump also admitted that the Royal Family is “very nice” and that Prince Harry, Meghan's husband, could not be “nicer” during his trip.

Whether or not the president was directly involved in calling Meghan “he did not expect Trump to meet Queen Sussex as she is still on maternity leave.

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