Trump declared emergency - action against Huawei - economy

  • The US President has issued a decree prohibiting US companies from using certain telecommunications equipment.
  • A specific country or company is not mentioned – but the measure is de facto directed against Huawei.
  • The Americans have long suspected the Chinese manufacturer of espionage. The company rejects the allegations.
  • The step falls into a delicate phase of the trade war.

US President Donald Trump has issued a decree to protect domestic telecommunications from foreign threats. With the executive order, he declared on Wednesday at the same time a national emergency.

The White House said the measure was not directed against a specific country or business. But it is believed that Trump wants to meet China and the company Huawei, which is based there.

Tech industry A decree that would have it in it

A decree that would have it in it

US President Donald Trump could soon ban US companies to use technology of the Chinese company Huawei. It would be the next escalation in the trade war.By Christoph Giesen

The decree gives the US government comprehensive opportunities to act against foreign telecoms companies. It is about foreign opponents who exploit technological vulnerabilities to threaten US communication systems, it said.

Huawei, one of the largest telecommunications equipment providers in the world, has long been suspected by the US authorities of using its espionage business for China. The Group rejects this.

The decree allows the government to stop extensive business between US companies and companies from states identified as "adversaries". Thus, the head of state forbids the domestic telecom industry indirectly to do business with Huawei.

The US also blacklisted Huawei and 70 affiliates. This prohibits Huawei from acquiring US company products and technology without government approval. This should come into force within the next few days. At first, Huawei did not comment on the latest steps taken by the US government.

The step falls into a delicate phase. The trade war between the US and China escalated last. The Americans complain about unfair Chinese trade practices.

The US also calls for Huawei's expulsion from the creation of radio networks for the ultra-fast 5G mobile communications standard. Only last year, Trump had signed a law requiring the US government to use equipment from Huawei and the Chinese company ZTE Corp. prohibited. Washington has been trying with moderate success to stop allied countries from using Huawei technology.

Economic and financial policy Risky connection

Spying allegations against Huawei

Risky connection

More and more states are warning against Huawei. They are afraid of being spied on. There is no evidence of misconduct.By Karoline Meta Beisel, Brussels, and Christoph Giesen, Beijing


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