Trump: ‘Kim Jong-un starts firing missiles again’ Biden Attack

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has criticized President Joe Biden during his first campaign support for the new year, saying he will take back the White House by 2024.

A few days before the first anniversary of his resignation, former President Trump held his first campaign support campaign this year in Florence, Arizona, a small town, on the 15th local time, indicating the possibility of starting political activities in earnest this year.

“Biden completely humiliates the United States on the international stage,” he said.

“China, Russia and Iran are conducting offensives and provocations that they would not have dared to do a year ago,” he said. “Kim Jong-un has started firing missiles again.”

However, in the early days of the Trump administration, North Korea carried out high-intensity provocations, including intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test launches and nuclear tests.

In addition, North Korea held armed demonstrations even after the second U.S.-North Korea summit broke down in February 2019, but former President Trump did not take issue with North Korea’s launch of short-range ballistic missiles.

“It’s time to take back the House of Representatives, we’re going to get the Senate back, and we’re going to get America back, and this is very important,” Trump said at a rally in November. claimed.

Former President Trump has repeatedly hinted at the possibility of a re-election in 2024, but never officially announced his intention to run.




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