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Trump supporters clear, Biden maintains an unsettling advantage Unpredictable match

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With the US presidential election on November 3 coming three days ahead, the scale of the game is still not leaning to one side. Although the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden is still somewhat ahead of the polls, the conservative gathering phenomenon is evident as the participation of President Donald Trump’s supporters increases, contrary to expectations in the pre-voting of the core competition.

According to the Washington Post (WP) on the 29th (local time), an analysis of the pre-voting status of four competition states, including Florida Iowa, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, showed that a month ago, the proportion of all pre-voting was 54% of Democratic supporters and 17% of Republican supporters. The difference was more than three times. However, the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is now 44% and 33%, respectively.

CNN reported that in Florida (29), which had the largest number of electoral votes among the competition states, the pre-voting participation rate of Democratic supporters last week was 9 percentage points higher than that of Republican supporters, but this week the gap has narrowed to 4 percentage points. Similar patterns were observed in other races. It is analyzed that many supporters of President Trump are participating in the pre-voting.

In the polls, Candidate Biden maintains the upper hand. According to the US election analysis firm Real Clear Politics (RCP), on the 30th (local time), Biden was 7.4 percentage points ahead of President Trump in the national approval rating. According to the polls, out of the 538 electoral corps, candidate Biden will take 216 and President Trump will take 125. However, more than one-third of the 197 people are still undecided, so the possibility of President Trump’s reversal according to the results of the race state election cannot be ruled out. In particular, in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina, where the two candidates are struggling, the gap between the two sides is around 1 percentage point. The two candidates went on a campaign in Florida on the 29th. President Trump and his wife Melania attacked a conservative Hispanic voter. He attacked Biden as a leftist, considering that those from Cuba and Venezuela had strong resistance to socialism. Candidate Biden also appealed for support, saying, “The soul of America is in Florida.” On the 30th, the two candidates will simultaneously visit central and northern race areas such as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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