Trumpet rhetoric solves dangerous & dangerous; by Jesse Jackson

Trumpet rhetoric solves dangerous & dangerous; by Jesse Jackson

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has condemned his criticism by President Donald Trump recently focusing on color makers and key cities as "dangerous, divisive and diverted" and says he believes they are fueling nationalism white.

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In an interview, the long-term civil rights leader, Trump, clarified African Americans, attempted to divert the nation's attention from his real problems, including the Russian election interference, border detention and tax cuts benefiting the richest Americans. at the expense of the poor.

"The real debate is that foreign elections are expected to be associated with our election next year," said Jackson, referring to a special advocate Robert Warning Robert Mueller that the Russian submission would be re-introduced in the 2020 elections. .

Jackson, principal of the Rev. Martin Luther King and a presidential candidate twice, with the Associated Press in Poland before Friday's visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau to honor Roma's victims of Nazi German genocide. As a key symbol of a civilian movement that made great progress for African Americans, young Romanian activists and survivors enthusiastically welcomed Jackson – members of a marginalized community in Europe.

Now he's 77 years old and struggling with Parkinson's disease, Jackson doesn't have previous physical strength. But he has a keen interest in politics and on Friday he was very impressed with his reflection on the Holocaust. After several hours of meetings with survivors, he returned to a private tour in the camp, pushing his guide for more details. He said he spent two weeks before his journey reading the situation of Roma people and the tragedy of genocide that is unknown to the world.

In personal comments on the ceremony, he repeatedly expressed how the systematic slaughterings in Auschwitz-Birkenau were working by a high society and expressed concern about the evacuation of the Holocaust today. The Nazis killed about 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, in Auschwitz, now a museum and memorial site.

On Trump, he said he gets nothing at all in the president's human color attacks, including recently a colleague and Representative Maryland Elijah Cummings. Jackson was informed during lunch of a recent interruption in Cummings' house, shaking his head and saying that it was probably the result of racism and resentment. in Obama years.

“Trump's strategy is overt. It's not slim, ”said Jackson, founder of the Rainbow / PUSH coalition government.

Despite the new challenges, Jackson said that it is always true for the principals of peaceful resistance and that he does not want to worry about contaminating trade with Trump or anyone else, believing that it is crucial to progress. to keep moral. Assuming an eye leaves the two sides blind, the Baptist priest said.

"You can't fight fire with fire and expect it to take away," he said.

And he still likes to sing the famous slice of rhyme. When he was "not dope hope." Now he likes to say that "WikiLeaks only, he also has Trickileaks," referring to gerrymandering and other ways that the black vote is being reprimanded in the United States.


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