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WASHINGTON Loyalists to current President Donald Trump have made a last-ditch effort to prevent Joe Biden from becoming the new US president and Kamala Harris from becoming vice president.

As the House of Commons convenes on Wednesday, 11 Republican senators and more than 100 members of the House of Representatives have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The number of electoral votes from each state and the final results based on them will be officially announced at this conference.

The Senate will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. Pence welcomed the move to use the power of members of parliament to protest and bring forward evidence.

But Pence said the move would not support moves beyond the law. The U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday rejected a request to authorize Pence to reject the election results.

Trump’s move

The Republican group, led by Ted Cruz, is demanding that a parliamentary commission be appointed to urgently audit the results from certain states and give them 10 days to do so. They will be referring to Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Michigan (16), Georgia (16), Arizona (11), Wisconsin (10) and Nevada (6), where Biden won the decisive victory. There are 79 electoral seats in all of these constituencies.


The joint parliamentary session for the electoral vote count on Wednesday is 2 p.m. President Mike Pence. If each member of the House of Representatives raises an objection, the Joint Assembly shall adjourn and discuss the matter separately. Objections must be accepted separately in both churches. The Republican move will fail because Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives. Despite the Republican majority in the Senate, at least three people, including Mitt Romney, are likely to vote against Trump.

New Church, Senate

The newly elected House of Representatives and Senate took office yesterday in a November 3 vote. In the 435 – member House of Representatives, the Democrats have a majority (222 – 212). Democrat Nancy Pelosi, 80, will be the new speaker. In the 100 – member Senate, the Republican Party currently has 50 and the Democrats 48. The remaining two seats will be decided in Georgia’s second round of elections tomorrow.

Georgia Arch

It is a Republican-leaning state. Republican rule in the State House and Senate. The state, which regularly supports the Republican candidate in the presidential election, sided with the Democrats for the first time since 1992. In doing so, Biden received 16 electoral votes.

If the Democrat victory is repeated tomorrow, the total strength of the Senate will be 50–50. With this, the casting vote of the Senate President (Vice President of the Nation) will be decisive in the crucial vote. In the future, Democrats will be able to pass bills without a majority. On the other hand, if the Republican Party wins at least one seat, it will have an absolute majority in the Senate. If they win both seats, the Republican Party’s argument that their complaints are correct will be strengthened.

US election so far

Joe Biden wins November 3 election. Biden 306 in 538-member Electoral College; Trump 232.

അംഗ Electoral College members in each state officially registered to vote on December 14th. No one voted against (306–232).

Vote certificates stating the voting status of each state were sent to the Senate.

വ്യത്യസ്ത Sixty cases filed by Trump against Biden’s victory have been rejected by various courts.

Further procedures

January 6: Joint session of both Houses of Parliament (House of Representatives, Senate). Senate President Mike Pence will preside. Each state will be notified of the result by opening the sealed cover of the Electoral Vote Certificates received from the States. The candidate who gets a total of 270 votes or more will be officially declared the winner.

January 20: The new president and vice president are sworn in

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