Trump’s’Cola Button’ disappears, Biden’s office desk

President Joe Biden of the United States is wearing a mask and working in the office of the White House on the afternoon of the 20th (local time) on the day of his inauguration. AFP=Yonhap News

After taking office, U.S. President Joe Biden appears to have removed the red “collar button” of former President Donald Trump on the “desk of determination” in the office.

On the 22nd, The Times political critic Tom Newton Dunn said, “President Biden removed the Diet Coke button,” after posting three photos on his Twitter. “It is now gone.”

Dunn said, “When I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, I was fascinated by what the little red button did,” he said.

 [사진 톰 뉴튼 던 트위터 캡처]

[사진 톰 뉴튼 던 트위터 캡처]

The first photo released by Dunn shows President Biden signing an executive order while sitting at the office desk. There is no red button on the desk. The second picture shows former President Trump interviewing, and the last picture is an enlarged wooden box with a red button in the second picture.

This red button was used by former President Trump when ordering a Diet Coke. It is known to be portable and can be installed anywhere in the White House. In a foreign press interviewing President Trump in 2017, it was often explained that President Trump pressed the “collage button”.

In particular, there is an anecdote that some people misunderstood the coke button as a hack button. Financial Times (FT) reporter Dmitry Sevastopulo “I was sitting in front of President Trump, and I noticed the red button on the desk. When asked if it was a hack button, Trump said,’No. “Everyone thinks so,” he said, and then pressed that button to order a diet coke.”

Meanwhile, President Biden cleared the military flag behind the desk of determination and placed a star and stripes flag and a family picture.

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