Trust the doctor! Dark circles around the eyes Started to visit in their early 20s

Monday 1 February 2021, 6.00 a.m.

On the face of the girls The most delicate and cherished part Must be raised around the eye area By experts from Romrawin Clinic (Romrawin Clinic) have revealed that The wrinkles around the eyes began to arrive at a young age, only in their early 20s, and wrinkles and deep furrows were more common in their 30s. And dullness is a problem of all ages Depends on the care and prevention But these girls Avoidable If taking care of yourself strictly Along with consulting an experienced doctor

Female Dr. Thirada Jittakarn shared how to take care of the skin around the eyes. And how to prevent the primary that girls Should start taking care early. Because each factor is different, the cause of wrinkles. But have very similar basics, so basic protection Is to keep in mind the changes in the eye area Some problems may require consultation with the best experienced doctor. Based on past experience Found that the problem of the skin around the eyes It is found at a young age, there are 4 main causes, starting from dark circles and next is wrinkles around the tail of the eyes and forehead As the age reaches number 3, it becomes a problem of sagging and deep furrows. Finally, when he entered number 4, the problem of bags under the eyes became apparent.



However, the 4 problems can be prevented according to the doctor’s style as follows: 1. Dull problems around the eyes. Can occur at any age The main influencing factor is Heredity like allergies Or rubbing the eyes frequently When there is irritation around the eye area Which causes the capillaries to expand Until becoming a dull mark Or common factors such as staying up late Little rest The dullness gradually comes without us in time.

Dr. Thirada Jittakan, MD.

The easiest way to prevent it is to use a skin care product that contains brightening ingredients. Which is the basis of taking care of all problems around the eyes Will help maintain and prevent since the problem has not yet occurred But there will be a wide variety of products to choose from Solve problems that each point is not the same Therefore should study before applying maintenance.

2. Wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes in their early 20s are beginning to have each other The main cause is the movement of the muscles in that area frequently. Or to contract the muscles when stressed Resulting in more wrinkles Plus more age Causing collagen and elastin to deteriorate in that area Causing small wrinkles to come up and if not taken care of, the wrinkles will continue Starting from the corner of the eye And spread to the forehead area

How to prevent In addition to nourishing products that stimulate collagen and elastin The use of technology to help by laser will help to stimulate the top skin such as radio waves, causing the top skin to stimulate collagen, making wrinkles look thinner. Or alternatively Toxin injection into the line. To loosen the muscles in that area to make the wrinkles more shallow

3. Problems sagging under the eyes and deep grooves. The cause is from increasing age. Including the state of slack in every Part of the skin layer From the collapsed bone The fascia under the skin is sagging. So the membrane that should be tightened down. Therefore need to be helped with technology to help tighten the tissue membrane

How to prevent, as mentioned above, is caused by subsidence in every skin layer. Therefore, first of all, medical devices may be used to solve problems such as Thermage and Ulthera, ie, to transmit radio waves. To help stimulate the strength of the layers under the skin Including the fascia under the eyes that it drops to be stronger. And may use injection groups such as Hyaluronic Acid or HA (Filler) injections to fill in the sagging area. To support the missing area and make it shallower

4. Eye bags problem Which is met very often, it is a matter of heredity due to the accumulation of fat under the eyes, the best treatment is Surgery is the best. But the primary care is to use Thermage and Ulthera tools to help tighten the eye bags and maybe use a filler or HA to hide the bags under the eyes.

You will see that each problem begins with age. Therefore preventing various problems Is that we have to take care of ourselves every day That is, maintenance with eye cream. Or increase the efficiency of your care by masking or by doing treatments That can be done by yourself at home for some problems that can not help by yourself. May come to consult a doctor To use tools to help prevent problems from occurring premature. Details of programs can be followed. Get it on Facebook: Romrawin Clinic or



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