“Try covid symptoms” check 4 symptoms for more than 2 months. You should see a doctor urgently.

It is well known that there are people who haveinfected with covid-19 when recovered from addicted to covid Then there are the following symptoms Long covid condition long covid It hurts but it doesn’t stop.. after healingCOVIDFrom 3 months from the date of infection and will have symptoms for at least 2 months, most often found in patients with early severe symptoms found in women more than men Duration of symptoms varies from months to years, and can be treated many symptoms. But many symptoms require long-term treatment. and can have lasting effects on the bodysymptoms of covid What kind when there are abnormal symptoms After being infected with coronavirus for more than 2 months, you should go see it.a doctorurgent

as usual Long COVID Also known as Post-Covid Syndrome, Prolonged COVID, Post-Covid Conditions, Post-Covid COVID-19, Chronic COVID, and Prolonged COVID-19 is a condition found in people who have had COVID- 19. – 19 and who recovered but still had abnormal symptoms.symptoms of covidThe most common ones are:

  • chronic cough
  • Tired
  • easily tired, weak
  • headache, dizziness
  • muscle aches, joint pain
  • hair loss
  • The nose does not smell, the tongue does not taste.
  • Fatigue, poor memory, short attention span
  • can not sleep
  • difficulty breathing, abnormal breathing
  • depression
  • sexual dysfunction

80% of infected people will have one of these symptoms. Symptoms can last more than 4 weeks, even after more than a month of recovery from a COVID-19 infection.

while data from Office of the Health Promotion Institute (ThaiHealth) note that symptoms of covid 4 types when abnormal symptoms remainInfected with COVID For more than 2 months, you should see a doctor.

  1. chest pain
  2. tea palpitations
  3. weakness in the leg
  4. Tired and unable to do daily activities on my own

side Doctor Thira Prof. Dr. AssociationThira Woratanarat Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine provided information on research resultssymptoms of covid Recently, Greenhalgh T et al. has published guidelines for patient care. Long COVID In the leading medical journal, British Medical Journal, this approach covers history taking, physical examination, and risk factor assessment. laboratory test and guidelines for maintenance and referral

symptoms of covid

“Covid19 infection increases the risk ofbrain diseaseanervous systemin the long run”

Xu E et al from the USA Published important research results in the global medical journal Nature Medicine yesterday, September 22, 2022.
by looking at the rate of neurological and neurological disease at 12 months among those who had itInfected with COVID 154,068 people, compared to 11 million uninfected people in the same period and in the past, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs database, most of them are elderly. The mean age was around 60 years (±15 years) and around 90% were men. People infected with COVID-19 are at risk of developing disorders of the brain and nervous system. 1.42 times more than those who have never been infected, with an average prevalence of 70 out of 1,000 after 12 months, or around 7%.
Problems with the brain and nervous system It can occur in both people who are infected with fewer symptoms. and on severe symptoms It can be caused by abnormalities in thought, memory, emotions, cerebral thrombosis, encephalitis, seizures, migraines, abnormal perceptions, and others.

Doctor Thira He said the results of this research reinforce us to be aware of long-term effectssymptoms of covid After being infected with COVID-19 Previously, there was research that proved the risk of cardiovascular disease, even 12 months after infection. And this research adds that Risks to the brain and nervous system as well.

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