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“Microsoft Edge” with built-in AI chat function from “Bing”

The other day, we announced that the new “Bing” AI chat function will be incorporated into “Microsoft Edge”, but we confirmed that you can actually try it out in the “Edge” preview version ( Beta channel), so let’s look at it this time. I’d like to introduce

A future version of Edge will probably add a more prominent Bing icon in the top right corner of the screen (previously it was a bit quieter, but they probably wanted to draw attention to the Bing brand). Click here to open the Discover tab in the sidebar where you can chat with the AI, ask it to create content, and get additional information about the page you’re looking at (analytics) I can.

You can access the AI ​​features by clicking on the “Bing” icon in the top right corner of the screen

This “Bing” icon also appears to control the opening and closing of the sidebar. Even if the sidebar is completely hidden, clicking this icon will reveal the sidebar and close it automatically when the sidebar loses focus. It appears that you can also open and close the sidebar by hovering the mouse over the icon.

Open/close sidebar with ‘Bing’ icon

To use the AI ​​function, you need to register on the waiting list and receive an invitation from Microsoft. If you don’t have access to AI features, follow the instructions in the sidebar to sign up for the waiting list.

Register for the waiting list

Additionally, we have introduced the analysis information function before, so please refer to that. However, it appears that minor improvements have been made since then, such as upgrading the design.

Chat function

Now, there are two types of AI features available under Detections in the sidebar. The first is the chat function, where you can ask AI questions and get inspiration from casual conversations.

I checked the flight schedule. It also tells you the web page of the referral source at the same time. I didn’t like the order of the information, so I asked for it to be sorted by departure time, but it was handled appropriately.

This feature is based on the much talked about ChatGPT, but extended to search. For example, “ChatGPT” may not answer for real-time information, but the AI ​​chat function of “Bing” will.

“ChatGPT” may not answer for real-time information

Also, the “Bing” response has a link to the source. Sometimes AI lies, so when using AI to write university reports and articles, you should get into the habit of checking the sources and checking the accuracy of the information.

creation function

“Create” function to ask AI to write text

The other is the “Create” function which asks AI to write text.for example

Give a summary of Mado no Mori, including the purpose and history of its establishment.

And when you ask,

Mado no Mori is a website that presents online software for Microsoft Windows operated by Impress Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1995 by Takashi Higuchi. Initially, it was started as a personal hobby, but eventually it began to attract the attention of many users, and in 1999 it became an official site in partnership with Impress Co., Ltd. Since then, it has become an indispensable source of information for Windows users.

The purpose of Mado no Mori is to deliver free and shareware software that makes Windows easier to use, and to connect developers and users. In addition, the latest news, columns, Q&A, etc. are also posted, and it also plays a role in disseminating information and technology related to Windows. Currently, the software is distributed under the name “Mado no Mori Library”, and has become a popular site with millions of visitors every month.

He writes sentences like If you change the content of the request slightly, the response will also change, so if you get an unintentional sentence, it would be a good idea to make various adjustments. You can also choose the tone (writing style), format (email, blog), length, and more.

This feature is also useful when you can’t think of an email message. For example, in the top text box

10 o’clock tomorrow

Conference room B



and set “Tone” to “Professional” and “Format” to “Mail”, you’ll get something like this:

Yamada Mr

thank you for your hard work. I’m Tanaka.

There will be a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 in conference room B, so join us.
At the meeting, we will discuss this month’s sales report and next month’s budget plan.

The materials are attached, so take a look at them beforehand.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you


Of course, you can’t use it as it is, but with a little change, you can create a proper email message. When giving instructions, I forgot to write the recipient and the sender, and mention the purpose of the meeting, but the AI ​​follows on from that as well.

An example of a request to devise an email text based on appropriate instructions

If you are interested in this feature, download the preview (pre-production) version of Edge from the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels website and install it (Dev or Beta is recommended). The product version and the preview version can coexist in the same environment, so you can try them with confidence.


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