Tsai Ying En promoted to the bridegroom of Tan Tai, the bridegroom sensually choked on her belly, Anjaylia blessed her non-stop birth B (12:58)-20211129-SHOWBIZ

Congratulations to Evelyn Tsai for being promoted to Mrs. Tan! Model Evelyn and photographer Tan Yunjia finished their 8-year love run and joined hands to enter a happy new life. Yesterday (28th) a couple registered under the witness of both parents, relatives and friends, and became a legal couple. My friend Anjaylia (Anjaylia) witnessed the ceremony and was very touched. She said with a smile to Evelyn: “Welcome to the Wife Club!” The pregnant Anjaylia said Grab Evelyn’s hand, touch her belly, and wish her B will keep giving birth.

The wedding was held yesterday in the hotel’s outdoor garden in Admiralty. About 50 people attended the wedding, including parents, relatives and friends. Evelyn in a white wedding dress was escorted by her father. A couple of newlyweds recited oaths and exchanged wedding rings. Evelyn smiled sweetly, and her husband choked with emotion for a while, very emotional. Under the warm applause and cheers of relatives and friends, they kissed affectionately and sweetly for 3 degrees.

Evelyn praised her husband for being so beautiful: “I am so surprised that I have a Look today (yesterday). I usually have so few Gels that I have a good hair. I really have a good style today (yesterday). Hair, what a pretty boy, do you count the other girls when you see it?!” Her husband smiled.

The groom revealed that during the preparations for the wedding, he had been away from Hong Kong for more than 8 months and could only make preparations overseas. Evelyn said: “Most of the time is up to me and he is responsible for the decision. I am very happy. We are all lucky people. There are so many. Professional friends, company colleagues, classmates and family members help, and we have brand sponsorship. Thank you all for cherishing us.”

Tan Yunjia said: “The preparation process is easy, we pursue simplicity and nature. (What about plan B?) We all pursue nature. We like children very much, and everything goes with the flow.” When asked about choking at the wedding, He said: “I usually don’t talk affectionately to housing companies. It feels very big.” Evelyn said: “The contrast is very big, usually the bride shouts, I guess it will be changed today (yesterday).”

When asked about Evelyn’s feelings about becoming Tai Tan, she said: “Everyone asked me today (yesterday) “Are you nervous?” Emotionally choked, she said, “At lunch, we talked to the people in the housing estate with affectionate words, and they yelled, and even my close friends couldn’t guess what they said. I rarely see them yelling, even if it’s so sad or sensational. In the movie, he doesn’t yell so much. I saw him today (yesterday) and got to know him again.”

Anjaylia smiled and said, “The most interesting thing is that I got married and I didn’t yell but you yelled. You didn’t yell but I yelled when you got married today (yesterday).” Evelyn revealed that he only had one day off after marriage. , I hope that I will take a day off to start work, and work will be scheduled until next year. Today (yesterday) everyone calls me an annual son. I don’t know if I have time to give birth to a BB.”

Anjaylia immediately caught her hand and touched her belly, smiled and said, “I’ll take you right away!” Evelyn smiled and said, “Yes, I can take your eldest daughter back to the house.” Anjaylia blessed her: “I look forward to your removal. Before working, I have to take time to keep giving birth to B!” After asking her to teach her a good sister, Anjaylia said, “I know that she is good and virtuous.

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