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TSC pushes for the TSC space exploration project, aiming to orbit the moon within 7 years

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On October 28, 64, Dr. Saran Posayachinda, Director of the National Astronomical Research Institute Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (TSU) mentioned the TSC project or Thai Space Consortium under the “12 Months 12 Good Project with Minister Anek” at one point that the TSC project is Thailand’s largest space exploration project. It’s going to orbit the moon in the next seven years, which is as important as the Apollo program. Make the United States a permanent leader in science and technology. Even computers have evolved. from the project Today we are getting closer to space. We take advantage of space In the past, it took a long time to know foreign news. Later there are other uses, for example, we use GPS from satellites. Space is also the future of humanity. It is an expedition to another planet, not limited to one world. Years ago, Elon Must often said, Humans colonized Mars. whose resources are very close to the world A lot of people have asked about this. He thought that there must be a group of human beings who had to travel elsewhere. And the use of Mars there is still a lot that we can’t imagine.

Dr. Saran continued that for the TSC project, the first satellite we are designing. Photography equipment is installed. Hyper Spectrum (Hyper-spectral imaging) these devices when attached to our existing satellites. It can be used to indicate cultivation and problem solving quickly. Able to classify, analyze, solve problems of plants. In addition, we will know the resources under the earth’s surface. It is important information about the distribution of resources, water resources, cultivation. We can develop radar-based satellites. and works in remote interference mode. We can get a picture that goes through the clouds. We have a team of advanced engineering talent. In the next 10 years we make a satellite that will have enormous spatial management capabilities.

“Going to the moon is not for dignity. On the moon there may be enormous resources. If we can send a spacecraft to orbit the moon. As we study, we will have a lot of information. If Thailand will start a space program in addition to sending satellites orbiting the earth We will explore deep space (Deep space), the first point is the moon because technology is not easy. have to learn the techniques To control and know the position of the satellite vehicle. And the next goal is Mars. These projects are not throwing budgets into space. But we threw the budget into people. to increase the abilities and potential of Thai people Another important thing is that it is a great inspiration for young people,” said Dr. Saran.

Dr. Saran continued that the policy of Mr. Anek Laothammathat The Minister of Foreign Affairs is focused on transforming Thailand into an innovative country. Foresee that this project will allow Thailand to soar to the top With the goal that Thailand will be the 5th country in Asia to produce spacecraft and go orbit around the moon. However, to explore the moon What does Thailand do? Hundreds of engineers developed the potential. University interns will gain experience and develop together. Scientists will take advantage of the data obtained from the survey. Today we have a control station and satellite receiver Thai Sot (Sriracha) Thaicom satellite. And the Theos (THEOS) satellite, remote sensing satellite. To use to explore the natural resources of Thailand and are going to send the next luck. At the same time, there is also a NAXSAT satellite of King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, the first BCCSAT-1 satellite for Thai children from Bangkok Christian School.

“Importantly, it is estimated that The economy of space projects in the next few years is worth 100 trillion baht. We have agencies. But we still lack upstream, namely, the design and construction of these devices will allow Thailand to start many types of startups. In order to produce various parts to build spaceships. This makes it possible to create a lot of business value for startups in Thailand. If we build our economy in this space industry. will be able to develop people with the best So we need a space program. to develop the potential of the country Which makes a huge value as well,” said Dr. Saran.

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