TSMC 4N 5nm mighty! 4080 12GB transistors are much larger than 3090Ti but half as many_Core_Process_Series

Original title: TSMC 4N 5nm mighty! 4080 12GB transistors are much larger than 3090Ti but half as many

The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace RTX 40 series uses a special TSMC 4N process, a modified version of NVIDIA, which actually belongs to the TSMC 5nm process family.

Truly,TSMC 5nm family version is very rich, including N5 standard version, N5P, N4, N4P, N4X, NVIDIA 4N performance enhanced version.

Although the naming is very confusing, the TSMC 4N process is still good in terms of specifications, much better than the Samsung N8 8nm from the RTX 30 series.

AnandTech learned the exact area and number of transistors of the first three cores of the RTX 40 series, as follows:

RTX 4090 OC102: 608 square millimeters, 76.3 billion transistors, 125.5 million per square millimeter

RTX 4080 16GB AD103: 378.6 square millimeters, 45.9 billion transistors, 121.1 million / square millimeter

RTX 4080 12GB AD104: 294.5 square millimeters, 35.8 billion transistors, 121.1 million per square millimeter

The three cores integrate more than 120 million transistors per square millimeter, and AD103 and AD104 are identical, much higher than the 8nm TSMC 45.1 million RTX 3090 / Ti GA102 process cores.

Even more amazing,As a small core, AD104 has 7.5 billion more transistors than the large GA102 core, but the area is less than half of the latter, which is reduced by as much as 53%!

In addition, the Ada architecture achieves an increase in the number of ROP raster units, three cores respectively92, 112, 80which can greatly improve the performance of traditional raster games.

The second level storage is also increased to96MB, 64MB, 48MBwhich is expected to increase the bandwidth significantly.

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