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TSMC lost 600 yuan and recovered. Taiwan stocks fell 51 points to close at 15,855 points on a weekly basis with two blacks | Anue

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U.S. Treasury yields climbed, U.S. technology stocks continued to sell off, and the four major indexes fell across the board. Taiwan stocks also lost their chances today (5). They plunged 270 points in early trading. Electronic weight stocks fell to the ground. The index once backtested 15,600 points. However, with the low buying orders entering the market, the downward trend gradually converged. TSMC lost the 600 yuan checkpoint and recovered. However, the index still fell 51.18 points to close at 15,855.23 points. The transaction value was only 303.302 billion yuan. It fell 98 points for the week.

As Fed Chairman Ball’s remarks failed to appease investors’ doubts, U.S. Treasury yields have risen again. U.S. technology stocks are full of grief. TSMC’s ADR has also fallen by nearly 6%. TSMC’s spot market broke the 600 yuan barrier today, reaching a minimum of 584. However, as part of the buying orders entered the market, the downward trend converged and ended at 601 yuan.

Looking at other weighted stocks, UMC’s selling pressure was heavy. It fell to 46.35 yuan in the early trading, and fell more than 4% to close at 47.05 yuan. In the past five trading days, UMC fell as much as 20%; MediaTek and Delta also fell in the end. 1-2%; Hon Hai’s revenue in February and the previous two months both hit new highs over the same period. The estimated annual revenue for the first quarter increased by more than 15%, which encouraged the stock price to turn red and closed at 115 yuan. Financial stocks such as Cathay Pacific Gold and Fubon Gold also performed Relatively supportive.

Largan and Advanced Optical reached a settlement in the patent litigation, which encouraged Advanced Optical’s stock price to gap up to the daily limit, locked at 42.15 yuan; Largan closed slightly. Optical stocks Yaguang and Jinguoguang were favored by capital simultaneously, and their stock prices rose 1-2%.

The biomedical community is the focus of today’s disk, and domestic vaccines will have a major breakthrough. Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong pointed out that there is a Taiwanese factory that has advanced deployment, with a production capacity of 120 million doses by the end of the year. Not only for self-use but also for export, the National Health Institute is also applying for additional vaccines. The second factory. With capital rushing in, high-end vaccines, Taikang Biotech, Kea, Taifu-KY, Yida, etc. all lit their daily limits, and the gains of Huayao, Heyi, Guoguangsheng, and Xingguo were all good.

Observing the focus of individual stocks, the contact lens manufacturer Jingshuo’s February revenue surpassed 300 million yuan, an annual increase of more than 38%. The stock price stormed the 300 yuan barrier and went straight to the daily limit price of 307 yuan. ABF carrier board manufacturer Nandian continues to expand its production capacity. This year’s capital expenditure will exceed 8 billion yuan. The profitability in the first half of the year is better than last year. Today’s share price bucked the trend and rose nearly 6%, and the challenge stood back to 300 yuan. Mark.

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