Tsuyoshi Shinjo “Is it okay to rampage?” Fans delight … Inquiries flooded with 100 million yen white Countach | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo (49), also known as the “Big Boss” of the Nippon-Ham Fighters, will appear at the “Fan Festival 2021” held at Sapporo Dome on November 30th. In front of Mike, he shouted, “I’m back in Hokkaido! Can I go wild?”

What especially pleased the fans was the appearance at the venue with the white supercar “Lamborghini Countach”. Speaking of Shinjo, he has been known for his flashy performances such as appearing in headgear and gondola. Therefore, this time as well, fans were paying attention to what kind of appearance it would be.

“Director Shinjo is known as a car enthusiast in the ball world. Since he was active, he said,’I want to give children a dream through the appearance of riding a luxury car,’ and played in Hanshin 1993. Even in the year’s contract renewal, it has appeared on the Countach.

In addition, I owned 16 luxury cars such as “Bentley”, “Porsche” and “Benz”. In 2001, he transferred to the Mets of the major leagues, but at that time he auctioned “Ferrari”, which he had only been riding about 10 times, and became a hot topic. “(Sports reporter)

This time, Shinjo was riding a car model called “Countach LP5000S”. This car was prepared through the used car purchasing company “Te by Tea Garage” based in Hokkaido. We talked to the person in charge of the company.

“We have been sponsoring the Nippon-Ham Fighters for several years. The team contacted us about a week ago. Director Shinjo was looking for a white supercar with the image of snow in Hokkaido. I lent the Countach that was on display for the Fan Festa.

The LP5000S will return to our showroom the night after the fan festival and will continue to be on display. So, the general public can also see the Countach on which Director Shinjo was riding. “

By 1985, only 323 units of the “Countach LP5000S” had been produced. Due to its scarcity value, it rarely appears in the used car market.

“I was able to get to know that the LP5000S is in Sapporo because of the fan festival. As far as I know, there is only one in Hokkaido, and I don’t know if there are others in Japan. Hmm. That’s a precious car. Furthermore, when it comes to keeping it in a clean condition, it is limited worldwide.

This car is priced at about 100 million yen at the market price. Still, I’m getting a lot of inquiries. Some people actually have the intention of purchasing.

Actually, it is posted on the net, but the amount is hidden. It’s a very expensive and special car, so I’m doing it with a stance of actually seeing the car and letting you know the goodness and then guiding the amount. “

A big boss that fascinates fans. With this momentum, we should rebuild the team that suffers from B class for the third consecutive year.

Photo / Asahi Shimbun




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