Tu Piyawadee gets sick often, fearing to be a villain! hasten to ask for forgiveness

Beautiful organizer, Tu Piyawadee, updated knee surgery Broken heart can’t run for life. Get sick often – fearful of being a damn boss! hasten to ask for forgiveness

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discharged from the hospital, returned to recuperate at home already for the beautiful organizer Too Piyawadee Maleenont after having to undergo urgent knee surgery earlier this year Repeatedly found bacteria in the stomach again. Makes you have to add for a few more days.

latest Too Piyawadee open up to the way “News Online Entertainment” Update on symptoms after surgery I regretted knowing I wouldn’t be able to run for the rest of my life. Before revealing that during this period, he was sick and went in and out of the hospital frequently. until secretly thinking about the fate ready to hurriedly pray for forgiveness

Why Urgent Knee Surgery?? “The doctor said it was from birth. The two bones in a normal person’s knee must be equal. And between the two bones there is a sap. But our bottom one is bigger. instead of it hitting each other Return to cover the top piece causing the top piece to crack. When it started cracking, it caused the water in the knee to slowly disappear.”

“At first I didn’t think anything about it, I thought that maybe by the age of 40, the crunch had to come. But later I started to have knee swelling when wearing high heels. so went to see the doctor At first, I tried taking the pills, but it didn’t collapse, until I had a better MRI. Finally, I had a problem that my bones were too big. This surgery therefore had to be cut in order to cut the large bone to make it equal. and injecting water into the joints to keep the knees hydrated.”

“The doctor said that if you asked me if it was urgent, I want you to have surgery tomorrow. Can you cut it? I’ll find a queue for you. Because the doctor said that it’s not good for the bones to come together all the time. It will be even more angry. So it became an urgent operation without telling anyone.”

He had his knee surgery and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to run for the rest of his life.? “Yes, the doctor said that the bone was damaged quite a lot. Then the doctor removed some of the patella. because it was subjected to so much friction that it was already damaged So the doctor is better off. makes us have no outer patella therefore unable to run.”

“When I heard that I couldn’t run for the rest of my life, I was heartbroken. same heart But trying to think that if we can’t run, we can still walk. Well, we don’t plan to run any marathons. but we plan to have children Children will have to run some. We also want to have a moment to run and play with the child. So there is still hope that we will try to build muscle so that we can at least run with the kids.”

But there are reasons to be sick again.? “After 7 days of surgery, it’s our right to have a blood clot. which can be fatal in case of having a blood clot Therefore, the doctor had to prescribe blood clot-dissolving drugs along with it. Now, this anticoagulant is quite irritating to the stomach but your doctor will prescribe it along with the antacid. But because my stomach is sensitive, there are quite a lot of symptoms associated with this drug.”

“Ultimately, it was the result of a blood thinner and a painkiller that was quite irritating to the stomach. In addition, during that time we had bacteria in the stomach as well. So we stimulated each other more and made us faint, so we had to continue admin.”

Do you think why I am often sick lately?? “To be honest, last time when I fainted, I just felt okay, it can happen in our lives. But when I came to have a knee surgery, I came back and deleted it again. Now I’m starting to think about this kind of damn karma and then like, uh…or have we ever done anything with someone?

“When I got out of the hospital, there was only one thing I could do besides physically. is to ask for forgiveness and to ask for forgiveness Suppose we have done something wrong. If there is any conflict, please ask for forgiveness. because it is quite a lot and frequentMany people will send requests for forgiveness. We chant every verse. I don’t believe it, I did it before something like this. because we are not damaged Now is every way to prevent something like this from happening again.”

Year of the brew?? “No, really this year. It’s a good year too. After the Chinese New Year, this will be a very good year for our zodiac signs. But since the end of last year, listening to a fortune teller, according to the general list, it is already said that Taurus will have health problems. But after the Chinese New Year, it’s going to be good.”

“Hopefully it will be better because plans to have a younger sibling have to be postponed. because we cut the knee You have to wait for your knees to heal first. And even if we can plan for having younger siblings, actually we don’t really want to move because we’re already old. Whenever possible, I want to hurry.”


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