Tui ‘Suriya Chinpan’, a famous former hero, has been in ICU for 5 days. ‘Bin’ posted to ask for help.

Photo from Suriya Chinpan’s Facebook page.

May 31, 2022 Bin Banluerit, a famous actor and rescue volunteers posted the news that The famous hero in the past, Tui “Suriya Chinpan”
with the content that Thank you for helping Tui. The famous hero in the past, Suriya Chinnaphan, is now in the ICU at the hospital for 5 days. Just lost her mother on May 26, 2022. Tui’s condition is quite severe. need a lot of money for treatment Therefore, I would like to ask P’Tui’s aunts and uncles in the entertainment industry or P’Tui’s FC to help P’Tui as well. Now, Tui’s wife is watching over her condition. Initially, I helped Tui 30,000 baht. If friends want to help Tui, they can transfer money to Tui’s account. Account name.

Thanayot Chinnaphan, Siam Commercial Bank, account number

0 3 3 2 5 6 8 8 1 3 Savings

One life that used to be entertaining Helping society all the time. Today, Tui needs encouragement from all of us. Thank you..

News reports indicate that Tui Suriya is infected with covids. Symptoms are not good. ICU.

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