Tunisia analyzes 2022 World Cup readiness, watch live football at 8:00 pm

Form of playing the last 5 games for the Danish national team

07/06/22 Austria won 2-1 (away) UEFA Nations League 1
11/06/22 defeated Croatia 0-1 (home) UEFA Nations League
14/06/22 Austria won 2-0 (home) UEFA Nations League
23/09/22 defeated Croatia 1-2 (away) UEFA Nations League
26/09/22 France won 2-0 (home) UEFA Nations League

• The form of play of the last 5 matches of the Tunisian national team

05/06/22 Always Botswana 0-0 (away) Africa Cup of Nations
10/06/22 Chile won 2-0 (midfield) friendly match
14/06/22 Japan won a friendly match 3-0 (midfield).
22/09/22 Friendly game Comoros 1-0 (home).
28/09/22 defeated Brazil 1-5 (midfield) friendly match

The results of the meeting between the two teams Denmark – Tunisia.

26/05/02 Denmark beat Tunisia 2-1

Live coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

March 22 November ’22
5:00 pm Group C – Argentina meet Saudi Arabia, live on True4U and True Sports 2
8:00 pm Group D – Denmark meet Tunisia, broadcast live on True4U and True Sports 2
11:00 pm Group C – Mexico meets Poland, broadcast live on CH3 and True Sports 2
02.00 Group D – France meet Australia, MONO29 broadcast live and True Sports 2

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