“Turkey Earthquake” The latest situation has contacted about 20 Thai people in the area.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Ankara reports on the situation.turkey earthquake” by contacting about 20 Thai people who live in the affected areas, whiledeath tollAnd the injury keeps popping up constantly.

“Turkey Earthquake Situation” On February 6, 2023 (status on February 7 at 1:00 pm Turkish local time), local Turkish media reported on an earthquake in the south and southeast of Turkey with a magnitude of 7.7 on the Richter scale. As of February 6, 2023 at 4:17 am, the latest death toll was approximately 3,432 and 21,103 injured.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Ankara would like to report that no injuries or deaths have been reported among Thai nationals at this level. by the embassy contacted approximately 20 Thai people living in the affected areas and found that Most Thai people are safe. They suffered only property damage and some had to live in areas provided by the Turkish authorities.

To begin with, the embassy has notified from time to time asking Thai people in the area to be careful Avoid living in buildings that have been damaged. Check and follow news and warnings from the Turkish authorities. and if there is an urgent emergency You can contact the embassy at any time.

For those about to travel into Turkey Study travel information. where to travel AND news from the embassy and reliable media close to plan the next trip. Avoid traveling to the affected areas.

If Thai people need urgent help You can also contact the Embassy’s emergency number +90 533 641 5698 24 hours a day and through the Facebook page of the Royal Thai Embassy in Ankara.

Relatives of Thai people who may be affected by this incident can get in touchDepartment of Consular Affairs (Foreign Protection and Thai Benefits Division), Chaengwattana Road or at the Call Center 02 572 8442 24 hours a day.

embassy Requesting cooperation for Thai people temporarily traveling or living in Turkey to register as a database for coordinating emergency assistance. You can register via the link. https://forms.gle/BKZJXYj7MFdDHZ3t6 this

Follow the news from the embassy website. ministry of foreign affairs Or local credible Turkish media If there is further development The embassy will give publicity as soon as possible.

photo cr. from Xinhua

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