Turkey restricts ticket sales to Belarus to refugees

The Turkish government has decided to limit the sale of air tickets to Belarus in connection with the ‘refugee displacement conflict’ in the Polish-Belarus border area.

Turkey’s Civil Aviation Administration on Twitter on the 12th local time said, “Due to the illegal entry problem between the European Union (EU) and Belarus, we have decided not to sell air tickets to Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni citizens who are going to Belarus from Turkish airports until further notice. ” he said.

“People from these countries are also banned from flying in Turkey,” he added.

Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are the main refugee origins, and in particular, Turkey is home to about 3.7 million Syrian refugees.

The Turkish government’s air ticket restrictions came a day after German media reported that a Belarusian travel agency was transporting refugees from Istanbul, Turkey to Minsk, the Belarusian capital, through Turkish airlines such as Turkish Airlines.

In response, Turkey’s foreign ministry issued a statement, arguing that “Turkey is not a party to this issue.”

It is known that about 14,000 refugees from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are currently living in Belarus. .

Poland claims that the Belarusian government is trying to push refugees towards Poland and is deploying troops to block the inflow.

[사진 출처 : EPA=연합뉴스]


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