Turn off the crash! Uncle was underground for 6 hundred thousand. Reported to arrest the wife of the deputy director. – If you don’t get money, you will fight. ‘Kanchai’ is stunned.

Turn off the crash! Uncle was underground 6 hundred thousand. Reported to arrest the wife of the deputy superintendent. Even if you can’t void the money, you will fight ‘Kanchai’ to be stunned by the son of the Deputy Superintendent. The police are preparing to be called in for questioning.

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In the case of “Uncle Sommai Phakdi”, 61 years old, Buriram residents bought an underground lottery 1000X1000 for the period of November 16, bought with a wife of a police officer at the level of a deputy superintendent in Buriram Province, received 625,000 baht, but the dealer refuses to pay The deputy director’s wife revealed that she was not the dealer. The lottery dealer has now escaped. go to the dealer including being a son who is a policeman intimidating in front of the house including challenging each other Now I do not expect to get money but want justice

The current node program on December 6, 64, “Young Kanchai KammutPloy” as a moderator. Produced in the name of Dee Keaw Dee One Company Limited, broadcast every Monday – Friday at 12.35 pm on Channel 3, press number 33, interview with Uncle Sommai, the victim, Khun Boy, uncle’s relative and lawyer Paisan Ruangrit about the story that happened.

How old is uncle?
Uncle: 61, I’m at home to take care of my grandchildren. I don’t work.

Does your uncle like to buy lottery tickets?
Uncle : Yes, I know it’s illegal. But I like to take risks. I bought some lotteries.

Buying underground lottery tickets is illegal gambling. But today the audience will know that if something like this happens, it’s not worth it. If the dealer is skewed, it is difficult. Uncle confirmed that he bought the lottery 1000X1000 what number?
Uncle : 761, for the period of 16 Nov.

Who did you go shopping with?
Uncle : I bought it with Mrs. Pong. Bought by calling and then he shot a line.

This draw is issued with 3 straight numbers. How much money do I need to get in total?
Uncle : 625,000

When we talk, do we have evidence?
Uncle : He said that if it’s right, there’s no problem, pay every time, buy lottery for 3 years, never leave, every draw, buy because it’s a big boss’s wife, shouldn’t catch us, get money quickly wouldn’t dare cheat us

Was it a good buy for 3 years?
Uncle : That’s right, yes, right, 1000×1000, right two, get 70 thousand, but the 3 straight numbers never, he doesn’t deduct percentage. because I bought the period This installment is not paid then go pay the next installment

Boy : If you buy in cash, you will get 10%, but when you buy this period, you won’t pay. He will go to collect the next installment. without percentage

Money that uncle must earn 625,000 including friends who deposited. When uncle is right, what does uncle do first?
Uncle : I cried. So happy. I ran to the shop. Who wants to eat anything Ordered a beer and got drunk. I’m happy.

Where did you get the money?
Uncle : The first time there is no money. But take the shop first. Then I ran to borrow ten thousand money from a friend. pay him alimony whoever comes and treats

Big heart because how much did you get 3 straight digits of uncle?
Uncle : 4.8 hundred thousand, then two, another 7 thousand.

Got about 5 hundred thousand. Another person who deposited another hundred thousand baht. Get five hundred thousand and then treat it. If you don’t have money, borrow money from a friend for ten thousand to treat?
Uncle : Yes, after that it’s fine. good night sleep But when I woke up in the morning Why didn’t the dealer contact me? I’m afraid to call him that I’m considerate. 16 I haven’t called. 17 I didn’t call until the 18th day. I called Mrs. Mrs. Pong. What do you think? The kid cursed. I’m going to hang my neck and die. I was shocked. What? Hang up the phone. and think what happened Or is he yourself? Why didn’t he say to wait 2 days to clear it up with you first? He didn’t say anything, but said that he would hang his neck and his husband cursed.

When he replied like this Uncle immediately thought that or was the dealer. Because we can’t bring money to us. Husband cursed?
Uncle : Yes, I think what happened. Husband cursed. Kid cursed. I’m going to hang my neck. Oh, will I get money? Then called again on the 19th day, he said that he would go soon, Uncle Mai. I understand will take the second adult to the dealer We said yes, I will wait. After that, the next day, on the 20th, 4 people came in, with the deputy superintendent and his wife, Mrs. Pong. Then there were 2 more friends, 4 of them. Mrs. Pong said that the dealer didn’t pay, the dealer ran away and asked if he had a presence.

Madam doesn’t want to tell you to take it with the dealer. How can I pay on behalf of the dealer? The dealer refuses to pay Mr. will not be responsible Let uncle go find the dealer himself?
Boy: Actually, when buying lottery tickets, the buyer doesn’t know who is the dealer. There will be people walking and saying that they will buy it and send it to you. As for who is the dealer, we don’t know who he sent. he never told

He was actually the one who took the mat. I don’t know who sent it to but when we are You are responsible Not the dealer does not pay Then you don’t care?
Boy : Yes, of the person who deposited 500, they follow uncle too.

Now it’s void because it’s an underground lottery?
Uncle : I know, but I won’t. I will fight. I want justice.

Paul took this to post on social media. have to go to the media Mrs. Pong’s son came to take matters into his uncle?
Uncle : Threaten in my face Said that you took my father to the media. You won’t be able to You will get something else instead. What to get instead, I don’t know either. He threatened and challenged me. Tell me what to do with me your money won’t But you’ll get something else instead. You must be my enemy in the alley.

Who is his son?
Uncle : I’m a policeman too.

Boy: Behind the uncle is the uncle’s boyfriend to stand and cover because he will punch uncle Grandma blocked her

Uncle are you sure? I don’t remember the wrong person. Does he know the money given to the lottery?
Uncle : He knows because I told him to give money to his mother, money for the lottery, he accepted.

I was with him when he came. Is his son really a policeman?
Boyd: Yes, it’s probably the sergeant. That day, there will be Amarin TV news team to interview uncle, so I go and sit and listen to what he has to say. because your uncle is old I knew the story of this case. He suddenly walked up to his uncle’s face. How did uncle mean to do this? Go and say that your parents are lottery dealers. my parents are not Then he would pick up his uncle to the dealer, why didn’t he go and the phone didn’t pick up? Uncle Mai also said that he didn’t see anyone calling. He said that uncle was wrong. While doing it, he was furious. He said don’t be afraid. This is not the case, Tang. You will get something else instead. Uncle Mei why do you say this he said why What will you do with me? Uncle Mai said that you would do it with me as well. He took off his shirt and told him it was true. When the grandmother’s shirt was uncovered, the uncle’s boyfriend stood in the way. was in the event from the beginning

When you win the lottery, how do you get money?
Uncle : Got it with my son. Grandma Pong’s son brought it to me. I went to pick up the money at his house.

When you lose money, pay installments, pay installments, pay with who?
Uncle : pay with son

Did he know that he gave the money to the lottery?
Uncle : His son knows, the vice must know.

Make sure you don’t remember the wrong person. He knows it’s the lottery money?
Uncle : I know, because I said that Tik gave some money to mom. It’s a lottery ticket He accepted it and said that he would tell his mother.

The Deputy Superintendent said that he had nothing to do with Mrs. Pong. No longer husband and wife, separated?
Uncle: No, they are together. When you come to negotiate drive the same car

The person in the line with “Pol. Maj. Gen. Ruthaphol Nawarat”, Buriram Provincial Police Commissioner. At first, I will phone-in to find the Deputy Superintendent. you have allowed But it felt like he had turned off the machine and fled. Or it could be claimed that the bad was gone. How do you deal with this?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon: This story is divided into two parts. The first part is about buying underground lottery tickets. The second issue is about the deputy director. with a wife If the examination is as true as it appears, it is considered allowing the wife to be involved in the wrongdoing. It’s underground lottery trading.

Uncle when taking the money for the lottery to pay Go pay for the recipient’s son who is a police officer?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon : At first, the fact-checking committee Appointment for uncle exam today. The facts will appear Who else is involved? But when uncle is not convenient to meet So I will let the committee check the appointment again. to know the facts of what happened Find more evidence here.

In the case of the son being a police officer, he threatened his uncle that he couldn’t have money. Will you get something else and go fight?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruthaphol: This is an issue. But I think I’ll have to get my uncle to come and testify. Who has witnesses? will appear as a document Now it’s a matter of unilateral talks.

Now society includes people And uncle is afraid that the police will help each other?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon: Probably won’t help because the facts are divided into two parts. The uncle said that the deputy director knew what he saw and gave evidence as evidence. We’ll be straight forward. Because in this part, uncle will be aware of the movement of scrutiny continuously according to the rules.

On the banker’s side or the person receiving the mat The way Mrs. Pong said that he was the wife of the Deputy Superintendent. On the day of negotiating the lottery, next to it, what color shirt do you wear?
Uncle : Red.

Like this, he always knew?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon : The facts as I said. I believe this part actually happened. but would like to enter the verification system will appoint any director who will continue to win Have uncle come and interrogate.

If this is true What is the punishment?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon: If the facts show that the Deputy Superintendent Agreed, disciplinary action must be taken. Regarding gambling, it proceeds under criminal law. This believes that the evidence It’s pretty clear But did not start in the matter of checking the documents. Now in the trend, but uncle documents have not come to see the inspector. I believe that uncle has enough evidence to proceed. I want you to start checking. Let’s set up a committee to investigate the facts. In fact, we made an appointment today. be fair to both sides

Can’t help each other?
Pol Maj. Gen. Ruttaphon: No, because it’s quite clear.

How’s the lawyer?
Paisan : The money issue is already void because the law does not guarantee. But uncle has the right to report Permissions are recommended. Because both buyers and sellers are wrong. In the part that you can see from the clip, there is also a deputy superintendent. who said that he was separated from his wife If you go this far, the evidence is clear, the authorities must take action. because if knowing is joining If you really don’t know, it means refraining. In the end, claiming that you are no longer together. The facts are unclear. The son is a policeman. government officials If there is a threat, then uncle can go to prosecution. If it can be proven that he is the banker, the big band is more than 5 million P.O.N., go check it out and all assets will be seized.

Like this on the table is entertainment. But the villagers call it Banlai?
Paisan : (Laughs) He will seize first, will get it from grandfather, from grandmother to clarify. Just now, uncle said that he bought it with the police because he believed that the police didn’t catch him. If this is dangerous Two think they get the money quickly. went to prove right and wrong If proving to walk as a representative, arrange to play, serve, serve, he is hit hard. Look at the big band because uncle played ten thousand. The behavior of playing for 3-4 years and depositing it to the locality clear clip size to sit The son had a clip to physically attack him. talk about not paying Let’s see if it’s fair or not.

Uncle got hit too. Uncle can take it?
Uncle : I got it.

Paisan : The verdict has already been seen. As I have seen, the buyer was fined 1 thousand, but the seller was fined for 6 months. It’s money laundering. If 5 million hit hard, don’t worry if you fight. Fight it, but more worried about society. If as uncle said Buy with the police and don’t get caught Deposit the police chief with danger

Why does uncle think like this, buy with his wife and not get arrested?
Uncle : I bought it 3 years ago. The size of the wife. I haven’t been caught for sale. If the sales people are arrested So I bought it.

Is there anyone else besides uncle?
Uncle : I don’t know this. I stabbed on the phone, stabbed for 3 years, not a single period.

Who does the time and money pay to?
Uncle : Son of Deputy Superintendent I’m sure

When you win the lottery, who gives you the money?
Uncle : His son brought the money. I didn’t misunderstand. It’s the real thing. I know it because I’m always coordinating with him.

Aren’t you afraid?
Uncle : You’ve come up like this. Don’t be afraid. Just walk forward with one child.

The body wants to clash?
Uncle : The body doesn’t fight, but the heart fights.

Paisan : They live in the same alley for both parents and children. will be ignored or joined with Let’s see

Assuming the wife of the deputy sales director Will the police buy it too?
Paisan: The police can’t buy underground lottery tickets. The police have a duty to prevent and suppress (laughs).


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