Turn off the dream! 166 The nurse asked to be transferred to the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Institute.

Sisaket – Ending the dream 166 The nurse requested a transfer to Sisaket Provincial Administrative Hospital, Sisaket Provincial Administrative Institution, explaining that additional transfers must be for primary care personnel only, excluding secondary and tertiary care. If it is not in accordance with the transfer principle it is not possible. A point will lead to problems. The hospital has a serious shortage of personnel to the point of closing the department and affecting the public. Revealing that the National Health Service Hospital in Sisaket Province with personnel transferred to the Provincial Administrative Organization has already been transferred to 117 of places, a total of 789 people, recently submitted a list of wishes to transfer more 166 more people

Today (November 15), reporters reported that From the case of 198 nurses from many hospitals in the Sisaket Province area, led by Mr. Sawangchai Meesang, a professional nurse with one hospital experience He came out to demand that professional nurses from community hospitals general hospital and hospital center wishes to transfer 117 community health promotion hospitals under the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO), which were previously transferred from the Ministry of Public Health to the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization

By gathering to present a letter to Mr. Wichit Trisoranakul, the president of the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Institute asking for consideration to support the transfer of professional nurses to the institution. Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization also, the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization welcomes the transfer. Because he saw that where these groups of people work for the people, whether they are in the hospital or the Public Health Hospital under the Provincial Administrative Organization, their main duty is to take care of public health. and would like to ask the Ministry of Public Health to help consider this issue according to the news that has already been presented

Most recently at the Provincial Public Health Office (Public Health Office), Sisaket Province, Muang District, Sisaket Province, MD. He revealed about this matter that the Ministry of Public Health agreed with devolution to transfer to the Provincial Administrative Organisation. Preparation must be made for local, central and public, with the public having to be informed of the correct information. In the past, the Ministry of Public Health had a strong work system with international unity and acceptance. and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the public This can be seen in dealing with the outbreaks of COVID-19 (COVID-19) in the past.

On October 2, 2022, 117 public health hospitals with personnel in Sisaket Province were transferred to the division Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization In such transfers, health personnel are transferred. A total of 789 people, 411 of whom are civil servants. If there is an additional transfer, they must be primary care personnel only. to enter the transfer process Secondary and tertiary are excluded if the principles mentioned above are not met. transfer is not possible

Dr.  Thanong Weerasangpong, public health doctor in Sisaket province
“If the personnel in the community hospital are a general hospital and a hospital centre, a wrong transfer will lead to a huge shortage of personnel. until it could even lead to the closure of the department, which will affect the entire population of Sisaket Province who will have to receive medical treatment when they are sick,” said Dr Thanong.

Dr Thanong said that according to the information the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization sent a list of those who wished to transfer / help the civil service. There are a total of 166 people, 112 of whom are registered nurses, 7 of whom work in Sor.Sor Hospital, and the rest work in community hospitals. general hospital and center hospitals, 105 people, nursing personnel in Sisaket Province has a total of 2,458 people, which represents a population ratio of 1:593 and the national average of 1:373, which Sisaket Province is considered not to have still enough nursing power to serve people who are currently sick.

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