Turning on fTPM in BIOS causes AMD CPU performance degradation in Windows 10 and 11?

As the TPM is added to the Windows 11 requirements, motherboard manufacturers are enabling the firmware-based TPM of AMD and Intel platforms by default in the latest BIOS, but among them, performance degradation is reported on AMD platforms, so caution is needed.

According to communities and forums including Reddit, CPU and GPU-related performance degradation problems have been reported on AMD Ryzen platforms with fTPM enabled in the BIOS. Typical symptoms include audio stuttering and random dropouts, which are all resolved by turning off the fTPM option in the BIOS.

TPM is an essential element in Windows 11, but fTPM-related performance issues on this AMD platform are reported not only in Windows 11 but also in Windows 10. The exact cause has not been announced, but following the L3 cache latency issue and CPPC2 related performance degradation issues occurred at the time of Windows 11 release, new issues appeared and it is likely to act as a negative preconceived notion for the AMD platform.



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