[TV톡] Kim Yeon-kyung and Aiki were once the youngest… Resolving the generational conflict caused by ‘Barracks’

Clumsy and brave, the youngest maknaes came to visit for the first time. The three leaders who represented the team looked into ‘the world of the youngest’ and faced the past. Time was created to approach the youngest viewers with sympathy and the leading viewers with memories.

At 9 pm on the 21st, MBC’s new liberal arts pilot program ‘Baracks – The World the Youngest Lives’ (hereafter ‘Baracks’) was broadcast for the first time. ‘Barics’ is a program where three people who happened to be team leaders gather to look into the daily life of the youngest member of each team, think from each other’s point of view, and discover who they once were.

The only MC was Kim Yeon-kyung, the world’s No. 1 ‘Bread Sister’ volleyball player. At the same time, he gathered Aiki, the leader of the dance team ‘Hook’, and Professor Kim Young-dae, the leader of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at Pusan ​​National University Hospital.

Before watching the daily life of the youngest, they had time to share their difficulties as leaders. Aiki remembered her younger days first, saying, “It took a long time to become a leader from the youngest.”

He introduced the youngest, saying, “I have been collecting children who can dance well in the neighborhood. Now the youngest is 20, and I am 34. I live while overcoming the difference ten years old.”iMBC entertainment news photo

Aiki, who showed special affection for the youngest, said, “It makes me worry. It’s like watching my babies.” However, he spoke frankly about the difficulties of a unique leader, saying, “I feel alone when I become a leader.”

To this, Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I eat rice and everyone avoids sitting around me. When I say ‘Come here’, they say ‘You go.’ Then I feel a little lonely. I’m not a bad person. Because I still avoid people around me. If you come, I can’t thank you so much,” he said, sharing his funny feelings (? ).

Aiki said, “I have a big dream, and I want to go to a club with the youngest when I turn 20. I can’t drink all the time, and these friends were the only minors, so I wanted to go (to a club). But they didn’t call me and they just went by themselves. Now It’s hard to even ask for a hug,” he said with a laugh.

The gap between the youngest and the leader feels so far away. But the world of the youngest is a world where all the leaders have lived at least once. ‘Barracks’, which showed the daily life and thoughts of the youngest, who had never been closely watched. Sometimes I find myself in those days, and sometimes I listen to the inner feelings of the younger ones I didn’t know.

It is a time where conflict between generations and disconnection of communication causes various social ailments. For all those who have communication difficulties between the members of the society, ‘Barics’ was a milestone. The hope is that the leader reflects and understands his clumsy past on the youngest, and that the youngest understands the difficulties of the leader and respects the leader’s motherly aspect well through ‘barracks’.

Baek Seung-hoon / photo courtesy of MBC

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