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‘TV carries love’ Jung Dong-nam reunites with the bereaved family in the accident that became a rescuer… Pain of’Bong Byeong-ryeon’ (Total)

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Jung Dong-nam reunited with the bereaved family he wanted to find through’TV Carries Love’.

In KBS 2TV’TV Carries Love’, which aired at 8:30 pm on the 3rd, actor and veteran private rescuer Jung Dong-nam appeared as a client.

Jeong Dong-nam is a first-generation civilian rescue expert who was introduced as a rescue hero who recovered the bodies of 580 people who died in numerous accident sites for 46 years. Jeong Dong-nam announced that he was looking for Lee Jeong-hee, a bereaved family member who lost his younger brother at Seonyu Bridge 21 years ago. Recalling the time, Jung Dong-nam said, “(Lee Jeong-hee) took out a money bag to recover the body. I politely refused that it was not an organization that received money, but after a while he also called that he wanted to become a rescuer. After the news, the contact was cut off.”

Jeong Dong-nam took luck about the opportunity to become a rescuer, saying “I lost my younger brother.” Jung Dong-nam’s younger brother passed away in a water accident. After that, Jung Dong-nam wanted to recover his brother’s body, but he was devastated when he said that he would not do so unless he gave money. When his father had a hard time getting money, people took care of his brother’s body, and Jung Dong-nam confessed that he was going to rescue his brother with fate, creating regret.

In addition, Jung Dong-nam added a surprise by confessing that he was in charge of rescue activities at his own expense, saying, “I purchased rescue equipment for all the broadcasting income. I also paid the room and board expenses for the crew.

During the first lifesaving activity, Jung Dong-nam shared a dizzying experience when he saw a corpse in the water for the first time while working with an offshore rescue team. In addition, at the scene of the crash of Korean Air Flight 801, he felt terrible at the appearance of the body as it was, so he collapsed and shed tears. Jeong Dong-nam, who worked in various places, was admired by receiving a national medal for his rescue activities.

However, Jung Dong-nam said the story of his son, who had a disability in a motorcycle accident, sorry that he couldn’t care for his family while walking around numerous accident sites. Jung Dong-nam added, “I couldn’t take care of my family. I regret it until I die.”

Jung Dong-nam said that he wanted to ask what kind of mind Lee Jung-hee, who suffered from the pain of a complication, because he knew how difficult the rescue operation was.

As a result of the follow-up, Lee Jung-hee was the first female vice-chairman of the Korea Safety Rescue Association, and it was revealed that he was still actively engaged in rescue activities, which surprised everyone. Lee Jung-hee said she felt sorry for her benefactor, Jeong Dong-nam, and expressed her position through a friend who was with her brother’s accident scene. Mr. Lee Jung-hee expressed his sincerity, saying, “I am indebted to an unforgettable debt until my death by Jung Dong-nam, who did something that no one could help me.”

However, Lee Jung-hee was impressed by arriving at the meeting place to meet Jeong Dong-nam. As soon as he saw Jeong Dong-nam, Lee Jung-hee said, “Thank you so much, President.” Lee Jung-hee shed tears and said, “I was so scared and trembling because I was a debtor. Who in the world would have received this grace? Thanks to the chairman, I am trying to do a lot of good things.” Presented.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV’TV carries love’ is a program that lets you find and meet the main character in the memories or the main character you want to express your gratitude to. It is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

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