TVB celebrates Aaron Kwok’s final performance to pay tribute to dancers Yan Guoliang blew himself up with cancer and changed his voice to play “Zeng Zong” – 20221121 – Entertainment – Daily Ming Pao

Reporters: Chen Zhao, Lin Zujie

Photography: Chung Wai Yin

TVB Qing Sao took the warm path and secretly arranged for Gao Haining, Lin Shumin, Zhu Minhan and Jiao Haoxuan to express their gratitude to Hu Feng, Han Mali and An Dezun. The scene was touching. Aaron Kwok, who was born in the dance group TVB, sang and danced in the finale, starting the highlight of the whole evening, and gathered with his former teachers and classmates at the same time to pay tribute to the dancers. Later, some netizens thought that TVB’s arrangement seemed to insinuate that ViuTV was disrespecting the dancers after the MIRROR concert went down.

Zeng Zhiwei is satisfied with Tai Hsing Sao

TVB general manager Eric Tsang was very satisfied with the whole show, saying that seeing all the colleagues doing their best, the atmosphere was very good, which proved that if everyone is happy at work, everything will be fine . The appearance of Aaron Kwok (Sing Sing) set a highlight throughout the night, he said that the return of Sing Sing this time is very special, in addition to celebrating TVB’s 55th anniversary, he also pays tribute to the dancers. He was very happy to see his teachers and classmates at the same time. Zhiwei felt motivated and very sincere when he talked about inheritance. Zhiwei’s eyes were wet watching the fun drama, he was anticipating this situation, saying that it was something he had always wanted to do, and he hoped the fun drama would be happy and is touching. “TVB seniors brought a lot of younger kids to come out and give a talk. lots of good advice, This should be used to praise them”. Hu Feng, Han Mali and An Dezun did not know about it beforehand, so it was very difficult for him to keep this secret. Dezun said it was embarrassing because he rarely shouted in front of people? Chi Wai laughed and said, “He usually rubs his teeth too much, I want to call him out.”

Wang Mingquan won the electric car prize as a gift for her husband

Leung Po Ching and Yan Kwok Leung showed in surprise, Chi Wai said that all colleagues consider TVB as home, everyone will come back when there are happy events in the house. Yan Guoliang revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Zeng Zhiwei heard that the other party had changed his voice, but the other party agreed to come back when he received the invitation. All the colleagues expressed sympathy and concern, and hope that he will get better’ soon

Wang Mingquan (sister) felt lucky to win the electric car. She said she had not won a big prize in recent years. The closest time she lost to Huang Tingfeng was winning 1 million in one step. She said that her husband Luo Jiaying once said that he wanted to buy the electric car, so he would keep the electric car for his own use. She felt that this year’s Taiqing Show was very lively and full of human touch. “Sister-in-law Shun” Liang Baozhen was very surprised to appear, and she liked Aaron Kwok’s performance the most, she danced very energetically.

“CROSS OVER” consisting of Jiang Jiamin, Mai Haoer, Cai Shangjin, Huang Yiming and Chen Jianwen won the “Taiwan Qing Dali City” and shared 300,000 bank deposits equally. Jiang Jiamin said that he was not lucky in the lottery and won the big prize for the first time He heard that the current interest rate is high, and maybe he collects interest regularly. Mai Haoer performed “Beauty & the Beat” with Ms. Hong Kong. Netizens said the sexuality was scary. He said thank you, and hoped to surprise everyone by jumping into it.

Leung Po Ching laments that her poor memory no longer makes her addicted to movies

Yan Guoliang’s voice has changed. He said he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in July this year. He has undergone chemotherapy and immunotherapy for 4 times. Now the bass has not been released yet. Last week, he said the doctor that the situation is good and he needs to do two more Chemotherapy. He said he has no mental problems, but his voice has become high and his hair is thinning. He needs to wear a hat to keep warm. Originally, the start of work for both plays in September will also be delayed. Optimistically, he smiled and said, “Blow it? You can do it even if you’re sick! Now I can sing like Mr. Zeng (Zeng Zhiwei) and like the Bee Gees. It doesn’t matter. Recently, it a lot of people have Let’s go, I’m fine.”

Leung Po Ching has not returned to TVB for more than 10 years. She said she is returning to Hong Kong this time to marry Sun Xinbao and will return to Canada in January next year. She said that TVB invited her to speak a few words in Taiqing, but at first she didn’t want to, because she was 85 years old, she didn’t want to be seen by others. She said that she is no longer addicted to drama and that her memory is getting worse and worse. She was surprised that she couldn’t remember the dialogue when she was on stage, but she managed to escape.

Lin Shengbin drank milk and vomited in a fun drama

Lin Shengbin binge drank 5 cups of milk in the fun drama, and later revealed that he felt much better after vomiting. Some netizens expressed concern while watching, and advised him to “fight to fight, be careful with your body” and “they should not use your body to make jokes”. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for their concern and greetings on his social network yesterday. He is right. He hopes that everyone will enjoy watching and enjoy the show. He said that the tribute arrangement was very good.

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