Twenty-two-year-old man who drank one liter of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes has a bad end, doctors say

Beijing, First Published Sep 25, 2021, 3:04 PM IST

BEIJING: A 22-year-old man who emptied a 1.5-liter Coca-Cola bottle in less than 10 minutes has died of gas in his stomach, doctors say. Daily Mail The newspaper reports. The incident took place in Beijing, China. Doctors say the young man died of gas because his body was full of gas because he inhaled so much Coca-Cola too quickly. Doctors could not save the young man who went to the hospital with unbearable abdominal pain six hours after drinking cola. The young man did this adventure to cool his body following the unbearable heat.

Doctors told the Daily Mail that the gas, which had rolled into his stomach, had penetrated the portal vein of the young man, causing the young man to die, blocking blood flow to the liver. Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology A detailed report on this has also been published in the medical journal. In addition to abdominal pain, the young man, who was not particularly ill, also had problems with high heart rate, low blood pressure and shortness of breath when he arrived at the hospital. This condition is known as hepatic ischemia or shock liver. Doctors tried to remove the gas from the young man’s stomach, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, a biochemist at the University of London, Prof. Nathan Davies responded, “A soft drink like Coca-Cola, one of the most popular in the country, and it’s so unbelievable and unnatural to say that it’s a young man’s life in a liter and a half.” His opinion is that the real reason for this will be revealed only if the reports are not published and a more detailed study is done. A bacterial infection of any kind that could cause a similar gas build-up may have been the cause of the young man’s death, and Coca-Cola is likely to be acquitted in the case. Nathan said. He added that the young man had consumed large quantities of Coca-Cola during a bacterial infection, which could have worsened the situation. He added that if the Chinese young man had ingested a one-liter bottle of Coca-Cola all at once, many similar cases would have been reported daily from around the world due to global Coca-Cola consumption.

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