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Twitter artists celebrated Good Pigtails Day – Kudasai

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Continuing the peculiar celebrations unofficially established by the Internet community in Japan, November 22 is celebrated on “Good Pigtails Day (Ii Twintail no Hi) “. The date accompanies February 2 of each year, which corresponds to “Pigtail Day (Twintail no Hi)”Established since 2012 by the Japan TwinTail Association as part of “TwinTail Project Japan“Which included pictures of beautiful young models with this popular hairstyle.

Since then, the Twitter artist community has published cosplay illustrations and photos with this theme to celebrate the occasion, as well as on platforms such as Pixiv and Niconico Seiga. Meanwhile, professional models and idols frequently participate in this celebration by taking photos with this hairstyle and uploading them to their social networks.

It is worth noting that November 22 is also the “Good Couples Day (Ii Fuufu no Hi)“, Although it remains in the background because the first is more interesting for Internet users. Still, it is for this second day that the author Yuuki Kanamaru decided to announce the anime adaptation of the manga Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman (More than a married couple, but not lovers). Finally, the artists celebrate Pigtail Day with the hashtag #Good pigtail day.

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