Twitter Blue, even in Japan, the character limit has been relaxed from 280 characters to 4,000 characters. You can post up to 2,000 full-width characters.

In February this year, Twitter announced that it would expand the maximum number of characters in a tweet to 4,000 characters as a feature for its “Twitter Blue” subscription. It was first introduced for US users, but as of March 4, Twitter Blue users in Japan can also use it.

This functionality has been announced by CEO Elon Musk for some time, removing the conventional limit of 280 half-width characters and 140 full-width characters per tweet, and changing it so that tweets can be posted in longer sentences. That’s what it means.

As mentioned above, until now it was only available to Twitter Blue subscribers in the US, but since it became available in Japan from today, Twitter Blue users in Japan have tweeted more than 280 characters. they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Since I’m also a Twitter Blue member, I immediately posted a test post (below).

I was in the US when this feature launched, so I was able to use it ahead of time. I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t use it after returning to Japan, so I’m very happy that this function is available now.

In addition, to ensure conventional visibility, when tweeting more than 140 full-width characters, only the first 140 characters will be displayed on the timeline, and you can see the content of the continued tweet by pressing “See more” able to .

Also, when posting, if the tweet is longer than 280 characters (full width 140 characters), only part of the tweet will be displayed on the timeline, so it is not possible to exceed 280 characters unintentionally, it is possible to prevent it.

If you are a Twitter Blue subscriber, try it when you have content to tweet in a long sentence.

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