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Twitter hotly discusses the girly comic “The World of Smiles” at the end of the horror soul scared netizens😱 | 4Gamers

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Girls’ Comics Monthly Ciao released the “Horror Special” free short comic “The World of Smiles” on the 18th (link,It has nothing to do with Yu-Gi-Oh), quite well-developed spiritual horror content has attracted many netizens to forward it, and some even persuade readers who are about to watch it to “be psychologically prepared.”

The story begins with Rikako’s rage.

Rikako: Mom! Haven’t you bought the feed for Qianta?

My mother just talked to her boyfriend on the phone, and conversely blamed Li Jiazi for not studying carefully for her pet. The angry Li Jiazi angrily left the feed bowl and went to school.

After arriving in the classroom, I found that female classmate Feichuan was being bullied by other male classmates, but Feichuan just smiled and replied, “I’m sorry, I’m alive.” Rikako, who couldn’t bear it, decided to talk to the class guide.

Unexpectedly, the class guide replied: “Bullying is a necessary evil, right? It is necessary for a disadvantaged person in group life. After you abuse this person, you can express your dissatisfaction and smile!”

The class guide added that government agencies allow vulnerable people to perform brain electrode surgery for free, and after the surgery is completed, they will receive a certificate of abuse. If this person’s brain receives a signal of external pressure, it will forcefully secrete happiness substances, and can laugh no matter how abused, so Feichuan will respond with a smile.

Rikako: I didn’t expect that even the class supervisor is also a person who has proof of abuse…

Rikako, who was resentful of this world, returned home and saw the feed bowl on the ground and said, “I am different from those talents. I will not abuse anyone. Whether it is people or pets, I will treat them with gentleness!”

But that pet,In fact, they are human beings who wear wedding rings and prove to be abused. Probably the biological father of Li Jiazi.(Anti-white spoiler)

Since the original readers of Shoujo Comics Monthly Ciao were girls in elementary school~, many netizens exclaimed after watching “The World of Smiles”, “Is this Ciao I know?”, “Ciao Horror”, “Primary students see this truth Is it okay?” Some readers also called on the public to see their potential perception of superiority through this cartoon.

Original address
Original address
Original address

However, it is quite common for Japanese girl manga to introduce horror themes. In 1993, Matsumoto Yoko’s “Magic Story”, the chapter “I like carrots the most!” created a psychological shadow for many young readers.

Ciao, a monthly magazine of girl comics, has launched a special summer horror special, which is mostly spiritual horror. There is also a comic version of the horror animation “An Shiba House”. Readers who can read Japanese can go to the special webpage to read the comics to cool off. Recommend “Class of Four Years” , “The Dream of a Man Stuck in the Gap”,I can’t just see such a horror.

Ciao e-comic version “Ciao Comic” special webpage

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js .

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