Two coaching teachers were sending answers on mobile phones, fined lakhs of rupees

A student was giving an exam with a mobile phone in Srinagar, Munshiganj. And from outside, two coaching teachers were solving the questions on mobile phones. In this incident, the two coaching teachers were fined one lakh taka by the mobile court.

The incident took place at Srinagar Pilot High School and College Center in Upazila Sadar around 12:30 PM on Thursday (14 September). In this incident. An HSC candidate named Shahit has been expelled. He is a student of Srinagar Government College.

The mobile court is headed by Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Lands) Saffat Ara Sayeed.

According to mobile court sources, the expelled candidate Shahit was a student of the local Inception Coaching Centre. In the morning at Pilot High School, the business organization examination was going on. The observing teacher Shimu Akhter stood behind Shahit as his movements seemed suspicious during the examination. When a mobile phone was seized from under his answer sheet, it was seen that the answer to the MCQ question was coming on the phone. In this incident, two teachers of Inception Coaching Center were arrested for the crime of solving questions from outside based on the information given by him. Later the traveling court fined both of them.

Executive Magistrate Saffat Ara Saeed said two people have been fined Tk 50,000 and Tk 100,000 respectively in two cases of illegal collaboration in the examination hall. However, they were not sentenced to prison considering that they were also students of an educational institution. Inception Coaching Center has been instructed to close.

Arafat Raihan Saqib/MRR

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