Two Cube Eyewear, launches a new product with a unique design and reasonable price

The domestic eyewear brand ‘2cube eyewear’ has announced that it has launched a new program for 2023.

Like the brand name, Two Cube Eyewear presents glasses using unique and distinctive colors with the brand’s philosophy to create glasses that combine the two basic elements of glasses, function and styling.

Users have consistently loved it since its launch as it provides customization that allows customers to choose their favorite frame, lens color and frequency as well as design.

With the new product launch of SS 2023, we have expanded our range of choices from diverse and unique designs to basic lines, and the quality and materials of our products vary from TR (Tetoron Rayon) to acetate, hinges made in Germany, and materials high end such as titanium made in Japan It is used to display a wide variety of products.

To celebrate this new launch, we have prepared discounts on some products and various gifts, and launch and review events are also planned on Instagram. 23 SS Collection products and brand news can be found in more detail through the official Tucube store, Musinsa store, and Instagram.

Picture of Two Cube Eyes

Reporter Soobin Lee

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