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Two final candidates for the first Airborne Director… Who is Kim Jin-wook and Lee Kun-ri?

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Kim Jin-wook, senior researcher at the Constitutional Court (54, 21st Judicial Research and Training Institute), and Lee Kun-ri, vice-chairman of the Civil Rights Commission’s Anti-Corruption (57/16), were both the Korean Bar Association Than after recommended.

Senior Researcher Kim was formerly a judge, but he had experience in investigating by participating as a special investigator in the’Mint Corporation Strike Induction Case’, the first special prosecutor in Korea in 1999. After serving as a judge for three years, he moved to the Kim & Chang law office in 1998 and worked as a lawyer. Because of this history, senior researcher Kim is evaluated as a person with relatively political neutrality.

In 2013, Senior Researcher Kim Kang-guk, then head of the Constitutional Court’s secretary at the time, told reporters about the candidate Lee Dong-puk, who was appointed as a successor, to reporters, “If this candidate is in charge, there will be a problem with the status of the Constitutional Court.” It is known that he made comments such as “ranking rank”. At that time, candidate Lee eventually resigned due to various suspicions, such as the suspicion of moving into an apartment under the cover of an apartment, and controversy about the private use of certain business security.

Vice Chairman Lee Geon-ri was appointed as a prosecutor in 1990, and in 2013, he ended his office as the chief prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. In the legal world, there are many evaluations as’principalists’. It is famous for his refusal to use the car for retirement, which is also provided to general employees on the day of the prosecution’s retirement ceremony. Vice-chairman Lee said that he refused, saying, “Since you have completed your public office, there is no reason to ride the car.” After the inauguration of the Moon Jae-in administration, he served as the chairman of the May 18 Special Investigation Committee of the Ministry of National Defense in 2017, and was also on the list of candidates for the first prosecutor-general of the Moon Jae-in administration. In April 2018, he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Corruption Prevention Committee for the three-year term. Vice-Chairman Lee is known to have given an opinion to former Justice Minister Cho Kook, his husband, when Professor Kyung-Shim Chung was prosecuted in September of last year, saying, “It may be a conflict of interest.” Vice-chairman Lee submitted his resignation at the end of last year in conflict with his passport, but President Moon Jae-in rejected it.

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