Two Florida men accused of 3 year olds and rape girls

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida – Two men were arrested after finding a series of text messages in police where both men discussed planning for a 3 year old girl to marry and rape in Florida.

Lafe Best, 37, was held on Tuesday and held in the Volusia County Branch Prison without a bond. It was caused by a conspiracy to make a child's sexual battery. It was arrested in relation to a different case with his friend and sexual partner, Benjamin Worster, 39, in line with a Facebook post from the Office of the Sheriff County of Volusia.

Worster was arrested in January for mild or lacivious transportation, dirty or tranquil behavior and 21 counts of children's pornography.

The police began to investigate Worster after searching for a series of text messages to Worster phone exchange with the Best. The messages provided details of her plan to marry a 3 year old girl and rape.

The messages were initially found by the girl's girl, according to the police. The age 3 and her mother came into the Worster apartment in December. The police said on Facebook soon after, the child told 3 years of age that her mother had been touched by Worster.

On October 17 Worster was built to the hospital after a seemingly overdose police said. The Worster's 3-year-old mother was located on his bed and discovered the text messages.

The police comprise some of the text messages in their Facebook post to show "how predators work with young children to spend sexual abuse."

Search warranty detectors are relocated at the Best Tuesday home and found what children's pornography had on their cell phone, as well as the exchange of graphic texts with Worster. The police said they expect additional charges.

The best was living in a house with two people with a 20 year old baby. The police do not believe that victims of any misuse at this time are 20 years old.



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