Two Florida men allegedly allegedly groomed 3 years of age for sex

In Florida, two men have allegedly received text messaging between both dresses and rape that was 3 years of age living in their apartment building, said a report.

The girl's mother saw the alleged messages and had a male medical emergency, reported. One of the alleged messages in Facebook reads: "how predators work to spend young children for sexual abuse."

"You never know if her mother Junkie can not come up with one month rent she could [j]you need to give you, lol think they want. "

– Correspondent message

Best Lafe was arrested, 37, Wednesday and Benjamin Worster, 39, arrested in January, reported by the Miami Herald. The paper reported that Worster wrote allegedly: "I'm looking for things on an unnamed browser on things that children will put in a safe way for a couple of hours."

The best alleged plan praised, the report said. He allegedly wrote, "You never know if his mother Junkie can not come up with one month rent [j]you need to give you, lol think they want. "


The Herald reported that the authorities found that children's mobile phones appeared to be on Best Mobile phones and had been compelled to make a baby's sexual battery. Worster was arrested in January and noted that it was seriously behavioral and 21 counted possession of pioneers.

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