Two Kovid deaths in Saudi; The number of patients undergoing treatment dropped to 2003 Two covid death in saudi arabia

Jeddah: 32 Kovid patients and 28 cures were reported in Saudi Arabia today. The total number of Kovid cases reported in the country so far is 549,752 and the number of cases is 538,913.

Two new deaths were reported due to Kovid. This brings the total death toll to 8,836. Currently, 2,003 people are in treatment. Of these, 40 are in critical condition. They are in the intensive care unit of various hospitals across the country. The condition of the rest is satisfactory. The country’s covid release rate remains at 98 percent and the death rate at 1.6 percent.

Number of newly reported patients in different provinces: 11 each in Riyadh, 7 in Jeddah, 2 in Makkah and 12 in other places. So far, 47,414,973 doses have been distributed in Saudi Arabia. Of these, 24,611,303 were the first dose, 22,447,853 were the second dose and 355,817 were the booster dose.



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