‘Two Married 2’ Na Hanil x Yoo Hye-young, ‘Three Married’ green light… “There will be no parting from now on”

[조이뉴스24 김양수 기자] ‘We Got Divorce 2’ Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young’s ‘Three Souls’ green light came on.

In the 7th episode of TV CHOSUN’s ‘We Got Divorce 2’, which will be aired at 10 pm on the 20th, the story of living together in Gangwon-do, where Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young expressed their affection for each other, is told.

Yoo Hye-young prepares dinner for Na Han-il for the first time in 7 years of divorce. After her reunion, Na Han-il, who always cooked herself, watched her ex-wife prepare a meal after a long time, and Yoo Hye-young made soybean paste stew, Na Han-il’s favorite dish at the time of her marriage, and bean sprouts, which she made in the beginning of her honeymoon. I was moved by Hanil. After dinner, the two looked at each other’s reflections in the living room window, and reminisced from meeting to reunion.

we got divorced [사진=TV조선]

On the second day of living together, the two talked about their school days. At this time, Hye-Young Yoo was the first to talk about her being unable to attend school due to pulmonary tuberculosis for 3 years from the 3rd to the 6th grade of elementary school. As if shocked by the story of Yoo Hye-young’s battle with the disease, which she had never heard before, Na Han-il could not continue her words and brought tears to her eyes. Because of her ill school days, Hye-young Yoo said, “I had no memories when I was young, and I drew pictures by myself at home.” In response, Na Han-il draws pictures together, plays with air, and tries to create memories of her at that time. revealed in the heart.

Unlike before, Yoo Hye-young also drew attention by expressing her feelings little by little. Yoo Hye-young’s express service to dye Na Han-il’s hair herself. After drinking her drink on her last night, Yoo Hye-young said, “I want to know more. I think she can remarry when she is confident enough.” made it She added that Yoo Hye-young added a positive story that she said, “I don’t think she will ever break up.”

The production team said, “The way Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young share each other’s pain and offer sincere consolation made the viewers cry. Please look forward to it,” he said.

/Reporter Yangsu Kim (liang@joynews24.com)



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