Home Business Two new Apple tablets have passed NCC certification!IPad mini 6 without Home button is coming on stage

Two new Apple tablets have passed NCC certification!IPad mini 6 without Home button is coming on stage

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The picture on the left shows the ninth-generation iPad with A13 chip that supports the first-generation Apple Pencil stylus; the picture on the right shows the brand new and revised iPad mini 6 with A15 chip that supports the second-generation magnetic stylus. The screen has been upgraded to 8.3 inches. Integrated Touch ID power button. (Picture taken from Apple’s official website; edited and synthesized)

Apple released the new ninth-generation iPad and the sixth-generation iPad mini6 in September this year. These two models are equipped with A13 and A15 chips respectively. Although Taiwan is not included in the first wave of listing, it has been reviewed and certified by NCC. It was passed last week (10/12, 10/13), which means that the pace of launching on stage is getting closer and closer!

It is worth noting that the ninth-generation iPad entry-level affordable tablet with the model “A2602” and the sixth-generation iPad mini 6 with the “A2567” are the first models that have passed the NCC certification this time to support WiFi Internet access only. As for the mobile Internet version that can be inserted into the SIM card, it has not yet appeared on the NCC electrical inspection certification database. , May have to wait for a while.

Two new Apple iPads have recently passed the NCC electrical inspection certification. (Picture taken from NCC certification database)

The ninth-generation new iPad of the 2021 entry model has the same appearance as the previous generation. It also only supports the first-generation Apple Pencil stylus. The screen is 10.2 inches and maintains the traditional physical home button design. The focus of this upgrade is to use the A13 chip to improve the computing performance of the processor, and the new front-end ultra-wide-angle 12 million-pixel video lens supports the centering function of the person. With a storage capacity of 64GB, the suggested price of the WiFi version is 10,500 yuan; the price of the 4G mobile Internet version is 14,500 yuan.

Another brand-new revamped iPad mini 6, which is the most anticipated by fans, has been upgraded this year. Not only does the exterior frame have a tribute to the iPad Air 4 design, it is available in four colors of black, silver, purple, and pink, and the screen size is increased. Up to 8.3 inches, and the original physical home button is cancelled, and the fingerprint recognition Touch ID is integrated into the power button. The focus of the hardware specification upgrade also includes: A15 chip, support for 5G Internet access, front 12 million pixel video lens (supports centering of characters), rear 8 million pixel new main lens with F1.8 large aperture It can support shooting 4K videos, and it also supports the second-generation Apple Pencil with magnetic function (purchase required). The WiFi version with a built-in 64GB capacity is priced at 14,900 yuan; the 5G mobile Internet version is priced at 19,400 yuan.

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