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Original title: Two new local confirmed cases in Shanghai are close contacts of previously confirmed cases, November 22. According to the official WeChat news of the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the latest news from the Shanghai Municipal Health Department. This morning (November 22), the Pudong New Area Health Commission was in close contact with the previously confirmed case During the investigation, 2 suspicious cases of new coronary pneumonia were found.

Case Cao Moumou, male, 46 years old, is a colleague of Wu Moumou who was diagnosed in the West Cargo Terminal of Pudong Airport on November 20. Case Zhang XX, female, 30 years old, is the wife of Wang XX who was confirmed on November 21. This afternoon, the Municipal and District Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus on the above two people, and the results were all positive. After consultation with city-level experts, combined with clinical, imaging findings and laboratory nucleic acid test results, all were diagnosed as confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

An epidemiological survey of the activity tracks of the confirmed cases Wang and Cao within 14 days showed that they had been to Xinsheng District, Shunhe Road 126, Gaoke East Road Sunshine World Shopping Center, Chenyang Road KFC, Sun Qiaocai Places such as markets. Terminal disinfection has been implemented in the above-mentioned relevant places.

Relevant departments of the city and district took immediate action and formed a team of joint circulation experts to conduct comprehensive epidemiological investigations, further track and investigate relevant personnel, and take corresponding epidemic prevention measures for relevant personnel and the environment.



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