“Two servings that are the same for one service are different”… News reporter Kim Gook-jin and Kim Tae-, won ‘laughing orders’ in meat restaurants

A screen shot from JTBC’s ‘Worldview Conflict Mukbang-Let’s Eat GO’ broadcast

Kim Gook-jin and Kim Tae-, as the representative news reporters in the entertainment industry, won a ‘laughing’ order from a restaurant worker in a meat restaurant to order two portions which are the same as one portion.

On the 22nd, JTBC’s ‘Worldview Conflict Eating Eating Show – Let’s Eat GO’ featuring Kim Kook-jin and Kim Tae-won, announced an eating trip to Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

First of all, ‘original news reporter’ Kim Gook-jin showed a shy look through a pre-interview, saying, “It’s awkward to have the word mukbang come out of my mouth.”

Kim Gook-jin said, “I’ve never felt that eating is delicious. Just looking at a table with food piled up, I think, ‘I think there’s something to eat.’

He continued, “Today, I eat 3 rolls of gimbap and still have it. The cost of food will be 60,000 won per month,” boasting a crazy cost performance.

Kim Gook-jin said, “No matter how delicious food is, I am a soybean paste stew.” “When I’m filming, when I ask what I want to eat, I say, ‘Doenjang stew,’ and after I finish, I say, ‘Doenjang stew.'”.

The original news reporter Kim Gook-jin, who met a new world after 32 years, said, “The dining show corner is really too new,” and pointed out with unfamiliarity yet full of anticipation.

In the interview that followed, Kim Tae-won also appeared in a more powerful (?) figure than Kim Gook-jin, saying, “It’s not really right to eat. I live on cold buckwheat so I’ n eat one meal a day.”

At the same time, he expressed his thoughts, “I’m happy to have a relationship rather than a food format. I hope I will fall in love with this program completely.”

Afterwards, Kim Gook-jin and Kim Tae-on met at a meat restaurant. When Kim Gook-jin asked Tae-won Kim how much the food was, Kim Tae-won replied, “Half a portion.” In response, Kim Kook-jin tried to order a portion of meat, saying, “I’m also a half portion. Then, if there are two people, a half portion is one serving, after all, isn’t it?”

However, Kim Tae-won was perplexed, saying, “But if you come to a place like this and order just one dish of meat, you’ll get angry.”

Next, Kim Tae-jin thought of Kim Guk-jin, who likes soybean paste stew, and suggested, “Let’s make soybean paste stew for two servings of meat,” and Kim Gook-jin said, “It then many portions for two people,” and he called the waiter and asked, “Take two portions as one serving.” It caused laughter.

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