Two Swiss trains derail after a typhoon injures dozens

Railway officials inspect the site of the passenger trains. near the town of Lucerz north west of Bern Switzerland on March 31, resulting in many injuries. (AFP)

Two Swiss trains derail after a typhoon injures dozens

On April 1, AFP news agency reported citing police officials. Two passenger trains have been derailed after a powerful storm swept through north-west Switzerland. Friday (31 March) ago The accident resulted in a total of 15 injuries.

Two passenger trains in the region departed 20 minutes apart and about 30km north of Bern. the capital of Switzerland

There were 3 passengers, including the train driver. injured when first train derails Lake Lucerne At around 4:30 pm local time, 20 minutes later, 12 people were injured in the second train carrying 54 passengers, one of whom was seriously injured.

While the wind speed recorded in the area was 136 kilometers per hour. As for the cause of this accident, the authorities are still investigating how the incident happened.

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