Two water breaks in Kansas City: water division

Two water water prisons left houses and unwanted businesses or low water pressure Sunday in the Waldo area, Midtown and all the way to Kansas City to the south.

"It was so widespread – we received calls from many areas," said Brooke Givens, spokesman for the City of City City Water Department. "We do not know how much people affected them."

Many businesses reported that they had been reduced or had to reduce services throughout the day as the water department got the most harmful – a 30-inch main concrete near 9900 Riverworm Road.

The calls started about 7:30 a.m., Givens said, and sometimes took it to find the secret because it was in a remote area.

Earlier breach of 24-inch pipe at 3340 W. Coleman Road imposed on 35 customers. That break came under 3:30 a.m.

Evening late Sunday, the water department reported that the breaks were cut off, closing the shutters to enable the rest of the areas to restrain water pressure.

It is estimated that the staff who were working on the breaks would have to refurbish a full water service on Monday morning, said Givens.

The weather can, with temperatures vary between deep ice-free ice and fast, push pipes. And with many pipes over 100 years of age, age concerns, staff said.


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