Two wheels in the 5G era, training personnel during COVID-era online in Moodle style from UCCI

Two-wheelers in the 5G era open a training program for personnel development during COVID-19 via online system Moodle from Uci debuts the first program in mountain bike trainers National basic level from 20-24 Jan ’64 at Suphanburi in the field of “Seth. Ink” was pleased to receive a grand prize. “Sporting honor” on the National Sports Day 2020 from the Prime Minister Ready to confirm that Bicycle Sports Association Will strive to continue to work without stopping For the reputation of Thailand

“Seth. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand According to the royal patronage, according to the Bicycle Sports Association Has planned the development of personnel for the year 2021 by preparing training for 3 items as follows: 1. Training mountain bike trainers. National basic level of the year 2021 between 20-24 January 2021 at the Hotel Wasitthee City, Suphanburi Province, 2. Training bicycle mechanic. National basic level of the year 2021 between 17-21 February 2021 in Suphanburi or Chainat Province, 3. Training of track bicycle judges National basic level of the year 2021 between 13-17 May 2021 in Suphanburi Province or Nakhon Ratchasima Province or Bangkok, where the association received budget support from the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) in organizing all 3 training programs

Gen Decha said that during the time the COVID-19 epidemic has not yet spread, Bicycle Sports Association Has invited foreign speakers That has been certified by the International Bicycle Federation (UCI) to provide knowledge and new technology to participants every time. But when the COVID-19 infection spreads Foreign speakers cannot travel to Thailand normally. Therefore personally entrusted to the technical department And the foreign department of the association Contact to coordinate with UCI to request training methods through the Zoom app or video conferencing system.

The Prime Minister of Thailand said that, however, due to the time between Thailand and foreign countries Overlap too much The method of training through the Zoom application is not as convenient as it should, therefore UCI recommends training in the form of teaching Moodle, which stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Online classes are available.

The atmosphere is like studying in a real classroom. Where teachers and students can interact with each other The lessons are displayed on the screen in the form of Power Point Templates (PowerPoint Templates) or PPT. Translate English for the participants of the training to listen. It will start training mountain bike trainers. National basic level between 20-24 January 2021 at Wasitthee City Hotel, Suphanburi Province.

“Each day of the training will take place between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. In the morning it will be a theory lesson. As for the afternoon until the evening is a practice And participants have to take a test at the end after graduation At the end of the course The UCI will award a certification to all candidates who pass the training. It is open to only 20 participants in the training, the participants must have the following qualifications. 1. Good command of English, 2. A must have personal notebook device. And able to use the app fluently, 3. Must complete the training time 100% due to the test from the Uci after the training, 4. Must be a trainer under the membership club. Of the Bicycle Sports Association And sent athletes to compete in the program at the association Organize regular competition In order to bring the knowledge and ability to train for the athletes under the youth and youth level that will become a major force of the Thai national team in the future, “said Prime Minister Song Loi Thailand.

General Deja continued that From being awarded the sport honor On the National Sports Day 2020 from General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister at Santi Maitree Building Government House On the evening of December 16, thanks to the Outstanding Athlete’s Subcommittee. That sees the importance of the Bicycle Sports Association In which the disease is infected with the COVID-19 virus That heavy epidemic Bicycle Sports Association Has stood up to fight with the utmost to be appreciated The Center for the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or the Ministry of Public Health It is a model association in organizing competitions in situations where the COVID-19 virus spreads, especially the long-distance bicycle race “Tour of Thailand 2020” in the past. Is the only association that can hold international competitions And is the only event in “Asia Tour 2020” that did not cancel the competition Until receiving a lot of praise from all parties

“Seth. Ink” added that For long distance bicycle competition “Tour of Thailand 2021” next year, the Association of Bicycle Sports Scheduled to be held between 1-10 April 2021 routes in Hat Yai. Songkhla, Phatthalung, Trang, Satun and Pattani provinces. While the Thailand Championship Win the Royal Cup for the year 2021, including road, mountain, BMX, track, mountain road (more than a hundred) and “ride for life Sport Tourism Bike 4 All” will have a total of 28 fields. Organize the competition in the New Normal format by strictly adhering to the 5 main measures of the CCC: wearing a mask, washing hands with alcohol gel, keeping a distance, avoiding contact, limiting the number of people and scanning the app. Application “Thai Chao” and has a screening point for temperature measurement Spray disinfectants on every field.

“Bicycle Sports Association Working hard all year And never stop developing the capabilities of athletes, developing personnel, we continue to work continuously. And will not stop As the intention of the administration that Commitment to excellence And continue to expand into professional sports We will keep going on without stop. For the reputation of Thailand, ”said General Deja at the end.


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