Home Sports Two wheels sled for a spinning tour of Thailand towards the end of the road bike for the Asian Championships.

Two wheels sled for a spinning tour of Thailand towards the end of the road bike for the Asian Championships.

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Two wheels announced postponing the international long-distance bicycle battle “Tour of Thailand 2021” from 11-20 May to 16-25 September, following the Asian Road Bike Championship on 1-6. Sep

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Two wheels – “Seth. Ink” General Deja Hemkrasri, president of the Cycling Association of Thailand, revealed that from the association preparing an international long-distance bicycle team for the male team “Tour of Thailand 2021” and the female team “V Men’s Tour of Thailand 2021 ”between 11-20 May, routes in Songkhla – Satun – Nakhon Si Thammarat – Trang – Phatthalung and Pattani provinces.

But because of the COVID-19 outbreak Spread throughout the country Therefore, the government has announced the division of the maximum control area (red) 18 provinces and control areas (orange) 59 provinces in order to raise the level of disease control measures.

General Decha said the association was aware of the situation. And is of great concern Because the epidemic does not seem to be decreasing. Therefore, in order to implement government measures The association has an executive committee meeting in an urgent case.

The meeting resolved that the international long-distance bicycle in the men’s team “Tour of Thailand 2021” and the women’s team “Women’s Tour of Thailand 2021” from the original date 11-20 May to 16-25 Sep.

President of the two wheels of Thailand said that the association also met with the governors of various provinces. That is a race route that will continue to race according to the original route Which everyone agrees in this postponement

The reason for the postponement to arrange in September Because the two international competitions will be consistent, namely Road bike The 2021 Asian Championship between September 1-6 in Rayong, where there are many athletes who will be able to compete in the “Tour of Thailand 2020” immediately.

“At the same time, the association had already met with the President of the International Bicycle Federation (UCI), as well as David Laparte, President of the Uci. All parties are compassionate. Because if not postponed, it may affect athletes in many ways. “

“The benefits that athletes will receive First of all, some of the international team athletes save travel budgets. And have the opportunity to compete in 2 major events consecutively Second, the Asian Road Bike Championship. The champion rider will be qualified to the 2021 World Championship in Belgium in late September. As for the Tourists of Thailand, cyclists will be able to collect points in the world ranking. And ranking in Asia Tour “

“Seth. Ink” said that the association also asked foreign teams who accepted and confirmed that they would come to the competition. All teams understood the situation and agreed to the postponement. For teams that book flights And have already made a visa to Thailand The association will be responsible for all expenses. It is expected that in September. The situation of the COVID-19 outbreak will be eased and there will be more vaccine protections.

“As for the Thailand Championship Program Both track – road – mountain And BMX The association must consider the situation on a day to day basis. But now a rough program has been laid down, keeping the original program as the main “

“However, the date, time and place may be slightly changed depending on the situation. If the problem of the epidemic has fewer infected people to a satisfactory level. We will continue to inform the new program. The association will comply with government measures by the BEC and the measures of the provincial governors of each participating province, “said General Deecha.

General Deja added that During the time of the epidemic And a large number of infected people The association, in collaboration with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) and Thai BBS Television Station Organize an online cycling activity on the project “Cycling in Ban Against COVID” Season 3

It will start for the first time on May 2, which will feature Master Sarawut Siriranachai, a Thai national cyclist, who owns 3 gold medals, the 30th SEA Games and “Second Sister” Rawirat Srisopa, a famous female cyclist From the Venn Cycling team leading the ride Live broadcast on the Thai PBS channel from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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