[Twrnamaint Badminton Gwlad Thai]”Deng Xiepei” reached the top 8 mixed doubles for the first time this year

[Newyddion Arbennig Body Road]Badminton Thailand open today (1Day) staged by each group16Strong games, in a row earlier3Mixed doubles pair Tang Chun Man stands on “One Round Tour”/Xie Yingxue defeated Malaysia’s Goh Soon Huat in straight sets/Lai Jiemin, promoted8Qiang set the best record so far this year. In the men’s singles, Lee Cheuk Yew is fighting fiercely3After the match, he defeated the Danish male player, but Hong Kong’s “first brother” Yu Ng Ka-long graduated after a hard fight.

Tang Junwen/Xie Yingxue (Photo: Tilu Database)

Tang Junwen/Xie Yingxue (Photo: Tilu Database)

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“Deng Xiepei” entered the top 8 of the Thailand Open and wrote the best record so far this year. (Live Screenshot)

The Hong Kong team is sent to this station5Team representatives took part, including Men’s Singles Ng Ka Long, Lee Cheuk Yiu and Mixed Doubles Tang Chun Man/Xie Yingxue lost in the first round1After the match, they won the match and advanced in a row3Deng Junwen stands on “One Round Tour”/Xie Yingxue returns to this station16Strong, against the world No.7Malaysia4Wu Shunfa/Lai Jiemin, “Deng Xie Pei” at the Singapore Open last year8Once Qiang surrendered to his opponent and won the match5Cable break after winning run. The Hong Kong team have improved their entry status this round, opening the score several times in the first game, including the mid-game run5points, never behind21:13Head first. In the second round, both sides made mistakes and formed a tug-of-war until “Deng Xiepei” fell behind and won consecutive victories.7points, after breaking the final position21:17Another city. This world site22Hong Kong team combination, with8Qiang wrote the best record so far this year, and will face the world No.9Kim Ho won/Jung Na-eun.

Ng Ka Long (Photo: Tilu Database)

Ng Ka Long (Photo: Tilu Database)

In men’s singles, Wu Jialong met world No. 1 in the round of 1628French golferToma Junior Popovboth were only at last year’s German Open before the match16A strong fight1sometimes, Hong Kong will lose the number of games in this battle1:2.Hong Kong Yu’s “One Brother” lost consecutively4After the score, regain the touch and play7:1After the offensive, he overtook the first two points, but unfortunately failed to hold the advantage and went down17:21behind1Bureau.Ng Ka Long won the second round5lead once15:10but lost again in the final part, originally still ahead by two game points20:18unfortunately lost at critical moments4Points, “diagnosed” and then lost20:22,16Strong stop.

Lee Cheuk Yiu (Photo: Tilu Database)

Lee Cheuk Yiu (Photo: Tilu Database)

In terms of world ranking17Lee Cheuk Yew and the Danish golferMagnus JohannesenLeading in the first clash of his career, the opponent has jumped to a new peak in the latest world ranking after winning second place at the French Masters and two thirds this year.35bit.The Hong Kong generals entered the game early and were not as good as their opponents, leading to the biggest behind9Although he struggled to close the gap later, Li Zhuoyao still lost first18:21.The advantage in the second game was completely in favor of Lee Cheuk Yew, he took the lead and won the whole game21:9.They both took turns showing their power in the deciding game, Hong Kong will play8:1after the lead4Although the score was equal at the end, in the end Lee Cheuk Yew won again21:18Dian Sheng.Lee Cheuk Yew’s next opponent is the world No.124The Malaysian golfer Huang Zhiyong, who played in16Stronger than once behind, with two innings23:2 forcesDefeated Chinese Taipei’s “big brother” Zhou Tiancheng.

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