[Twymyn Trafnidiaeth 2]A summary of the benefits of booking and a comparison between the shops with the cheapest prices[Transport Fever 2]– Encyclopedia of Strategy

It is scheduled to be released on Thursday, May 18, 2023“Transportation Fever 2”We will present basic information, benefits, etc. We also compare the prices of shops where you can buy at the lowest price, so use it as a reference for orders and purchases.

Release date and basic information



transport fever 2

Transport Fever 2

release date

May 18, 2023 (Wednesday)

Compatible models

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

Suggested retail price (price)

6,820 yen (tax included)



Number of players

1 person


3 goo


exam schedule

Official site

Product Presentation/Print

This game has the following variants.

  • normal version(package / download)Suggested retail price:6,820Yen (tax included)

* The PC version (Steam / EPIC GAMES) is already available.

Depending on the store where you bought the product, there may be store-only benefits. For details, see “Store Limited Benefits”.

Work presentation/Story

Build land, water and air routes from 1850 to today! The ultimate transport management game

  • Transport system from 1850 to today
    A game that immerses you in the history of transport development.
    It features real historical vehicles on land, water, and air routes that delight vehicle fans.
  • Learn how to perfectly master all forms of transport: planes, trains, buses, ships
    Over 200 transport vehicles: trains, buses, trams, trucks, planes and ships.
    Manage your transport company’s budget and investments, and your choices directly affect the economy and development of your city.
    Adapt to every situation and plan for long term results.
  • A truly recreated world
    It comes to life with deep gameplay mechanics that perfectly simulate supply and demand in transportation, and graphics with detailed physics and shadows.

Purchase site/priceComparison (cheapest store information)

PS4: Normal pack version

PS5: Normal pack version

PS4 / PS5: Download version

List of benefits

At the time of writing, no information on “shop only benefits” has been published.
* We will update as soon as it is confirmed.

Store limited original benefits


  • Original wallpaper for PC and smartphone

Confirmed on Amazon (Amazon) for PS4

Confirmed on Amazon for PS5


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