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TXT will release new album “THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE” on the 31st_interview

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Original title: TXT will release a new album “THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE” on the 31st

Sohu Korea Entertainment News The combination TXT returns after 7 months.

The brokerage company Big Hit Music said on the 30th that TXT will release its second official album “THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE” on May 31.

From the debut album “THE DREAM CHAPTER: STAR” to the regular 1st album “THE DREAM CHAPTER:MAGIC” and the second mini album “THE DREAM CHAPTER: ETERNITY”, TXT conveys the growth of dream-seeking teenagers through the “THE DREAM CHAPTER” series Narrative.

Last year, “minisode1: Blue Hour” was released, which tells the short stories told by five members from “THE DREAM CHAPTER” to the next series. Through this album, the curtain of the new series “THE CHAOS CHAPTER” will be opened.

In particular, TXT ranked 25th in the Billboard 200 US Billboard main album chart with “Mini Sode 1: Blue Awards”, setting a new record of its own. In Billboard’s TopAlbum Sales, Top Current Album Sales and World Album also occupy the first place.

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