Tyree Carries Miss Miss in the Georgia Blowout Road

Ole Miss guards Breein Tyree (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

STAFF AND WIRE – Breein Tyree scored 31 points, his fifth game just for at least 20 years, and Ole Miss Georgia 80-64 sat on Saturday.

The rebels (16-7, 6-4 Southeast Conference) went on to hit Tyree, who failed to score his high career. The junior guard reached 20 points, scoring on a seven-minute drive in the second half, before any staffing team had a double figure.

"I had a lot of guards in the Middle East, but no one is so talented with Breein," said Ole Miss, Kermit Davis, in his post interview with the Miss Ole Network. It's so close. Guys does not have a mid-game game. It bursts into an average range game. It goes through a foot, it shoes. And what it does, it can finish over a lot. all he did. Tonight, what he did, man, sat down and preserved. He sat and preserved. When you cost that way, he helps you in every field and puts it in. He put it tonight . "

The rebels have recovered from a streak losing four games with just two wins. Rayshaun Hammonds gave 10 points before he left for about five minutes to Georgia (10-13, 1-9). The Bulldogs lost eight of their final nine games. Hammonds hit two of the four early Georgia 3 indicators when the Bulldogs were led by 18-8. Georgia could not be injured with continuous ball handling periods and unable to find a consistent score closer to the basket, to be in charge.

Georgia lasted 28-27 on point 3 with Teshaun Hightower. Ole Miss scored the next 14 points. Blake Hinson started running three back-back earnings. Tyree continued with his scoring streak after attracting 22.3 points in his final four games.

Tyree, a junior guard from Somerset, New Jersey, dropped in betting and dropped a boy's clover who successfully reviewed the long-term videos of the rebels during the Rebellion's 14-0 run. Ole Miss was headed at 45-33 at half a board and most of the second half doubled.

Hinson entered Tyree in double figures, finishing 13 points. He made a score of 12 points by Terence Davis and he helped four. Bruce Stevens had nine points and nine restarted in 23 minutes, and Devontae Shuler finished with eight points and seven heads.

"Breein Tyree, what do you say about it? He guards and plays that way," Kermit Davis said. "But I will tell you today, Bruce Stevens has changed our team. When Bruce is getting rid of and that physical is, it makes us a SEC team worthwhile. The most physically individual is the There were nine rebounds and its great presence. It was great for him.

"The aggressive movement was much better. I thought we are harder today. And the biggest thing that was going on, we have to be pre-independent about the A & M game, we have to be able to keep our own on the boards. In order to have more attacks on rebounds than Georgia (13), with about 19 of them in the last three games, to hold them up to nine hundred aggressive quotes and we got 13, there was a difference. The second chance of Georgia is dominant and we are up to 21-5. Over the last seven or eight final games (Georgia) the lowest offensive team in our series. We have been our challenge We have had a great deal for our team to see the team on foot. It was a good win. The two final games, the great talents of our team. Now we are over Auburn was very good on the road. But I liked the way we had today. We played as a unit. He looked right. He felt right. That's what you can ask for a team. "

Tyree also made 31 points against Vanderbilt on January 5. The Graveyards 28-18 Advantage was taken into points in the pain for their strong play force. Tyree 11 made 22 shots from the park and six free seven seats.

Ole Miss returns to activity at Auburn on Wednesday night.

"They are one of the best home team in college basketball," Davis said. "They're playing great now. It's a wonderful environment. We'll be looking forward to Wednesday that Wednesday. And that Saturday against Missouri, we have to get that Pavilion back again. There are great fans. during the piece.

"I said to our team, I'm not afraid to talk about. These are all NCAA Tournament games. We work hard to get in this kind of games. You do not want them to win all. They're not out of games. The game is only if you miss home. Now that is the win win. But these are games that everyone has everywhere in the country. I think the last two games were being tried for our team after we have lost a couple of one-off games the previous week. Our team is proud of our great fans. Get just behind this team and, boyfriend, help us the last seven games or seven games. "

Game Stat: Tyree's first Rebel is a score of 20 points in five games just from Stefan Moody (November 25, 2015-January 28, 2016). Moody's streak had 14 struggles. Tyree The 40th Rebel in the history to detect a score of 1,000 career points at Ole Miss.

He said: "Devontae, it's a big heart like anyone I've learned a lot. The cat then right, you see him, he's walking around all the time all the time. He tries to try practice some, a few days it does not only practice it. It is not because it does not want it; we all consider its evidence. It gets out in that game, and it got up soon. , & # 39; Devontae, are you done? It goes, & # 39; Nah, coach, no. & # 39; He got back and got his juices going and running on our staff. Breein and TD and these people get many achievements, but the cat should be similar to our MVP for our staff. I have so much appreciated what he did the last four weeks of the State game Mississippi. Some of the fans saw it. It was not so healthy and it hurts our staff. But he keeps He is fighting every day. " – Miss Ole Coach, Kermit Davis, at Devireann Shuler point guard, playing with a stress reaction in her foot

An Win, In One Picture

Ole Miss guards Breein Tyree (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

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